Lisandro Martínez was injured again at Manchester United and will be without playing for another month

Lisandro Martínez was injured again at Manchester United and will be without playing for another month

Just three days after his return to the courts after two months of inactivity, Lisandro Martínez tore his soleus and Lionel Scaloni is suffering from another headache.

Lisandro Martínez does not stop his streak of injuries: a new injury will leave him out of the defining matches of the Premier League with Manchester United and opens serious questions to Lionel Scaloni with a view to the list you have to put together so that the Selection face the next America Cup.

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The Entre Ríos defender had just come from a layoff of almost two months due to a sprained knee and was close to returning. However, Manchester United reported through the social network x that “he will not be available for the next games”, but an injury of this type requires a recovery of between 21 and 30 days, so he would return to action at the beginning of May, in a new injury, originating in previous training to the big game with Chelseaby date 31 of the Premier League.

Last Saturday, Lisandro Martínez had reappeared in Manchester United: Coach Erik Ten Hag sent him onto the field in the 68th minute, replacing Swede Victor Lindelöf, who was also injured, although in his case to the hamstring.

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Lisandro Martínez had not played since February

Lisandro Martínez He had played for the last time on February 4 against the West Ham (when he suffered the injury to the medial collateral ligament of his right knee) and in the middle he had been authorized to travel with the Argentine National Team to the tour of the USAalthough he did not have minutes in the friendlies against The Savior and Costa Rica.

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So far in the 2023/24 season, Lisandro Martínez spent 161 days on the injured list, to which will be added this month when he will go through a muscle strain. Last September, the world champion had suffered from a fracture in the fifth metatarsal of his foot – which he suffered in April 2023 – which forced him to spend 105 days without action, missing 22 games with United and the duels of the Qualifiers with the Argentine National Team.

Does he reach the Copa América?

Lisandro Martínez will miss a key stretch of the season with Manchester United, which is 11 points away from the Champions League qualification zone, with nine games left in the Premier League. The Copa América will be in June, so the former River and Defensa y Justicia defender should arrive in a position to participate, but the adverse streak of injuries generates concern in a key sector of the defensive replacement for Lionel Scaloni.

It should be noted that the Copa América will begin on June 20, so if everything goes well in terms of recovery times, Lisandro Martínez will have a month and a half – or even a little more – to gain rhythm and arrive in the best way to the defense of the continental title.

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