Sad result: 6 motorcycle accidents on Saturday on Upper Austria’s roads

Sad result: 6 motorcycle accidents on Saturday on Upper Austria’s roads
Crossroads collision in Micheldorf: The motorcyclist had to be taken to hospital

The accident rate involving motorcycle drivers on Saturday was above average. In addition to two collisions with tractors in the morning, four more motorcycle accidents occurred in the afternoon.

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In the municipality of Dimbach (Perg district) A 55-year-old from the Linz-Land district was driving his motorcycle on the B119 towards Grein when he fell. Following motorcyclists provided first aid until rescue arrived. The man was taken to Kepler University Hospital with serious injuries.

Biker continued riding despite severe pain

Around an hour and a half later, something happened in the local area of Oberlaussa a motorcycle crash. A 26-year-old from the Kirchdorf district fell due to a braking maneuver after driving from the Hengstpass towards Unterlaussa. Because he had no reception on his cell phone, he drove five kilometers despite severe pain. However, the pain became so severe that he was soon unable to continue driving. Passers-by gave him first aid until rescue, alerted by a police patrol that happened to drive past, took over. The man was injured and taken to Rottenmann Hospital.

Shortly after 1 p.m. there was a fire in the municipality of St. Marienkirchen another serious motorcycle accident near Schärding. A 76-year-old from the Braunau district drove his motorcycle on the L512 from Reichersberg towards Suben. In the town of Andiesen, he came into the oncoming lane in a right-hand bend and crashed into the guardrail almost without braking. Due to the force of the impact, the motorcyclist was thrown over the guardrail and fell unconscious on the adjacent embankment with serious injuries. The occupants of a car following behind provided first aid and alerted the emergency services. The man was taken to Schärding Hospital.

In Micheldorf (Kirchdorf district), a motorcycle collided with a car in the intersection area. The motorcyclist was treated by first responders and then taken to the Kirchdorf hospital. The Micheldorf fire department was involved in the clean-up work, and traffic was directed past the accident site by the police.

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