Colorados criticize the reluctance of the National Party to join the Republican Coalition motto

Colorados criticize the reluctance of the National Party to join the Republican Coalition motto

Deputy Felipe Schipani regretted that they did not reach an agreement with the other traditional party to appear together in the dispute of some municipalities.

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He deputy of the Colorado Party (PC), Felipe Schipanilamented the “reluctance” of the National Party (PN) to join the motto Republican Coalition with the aim of jointly contesting some mayoralties of the country in view of the Departmental Elections of 2025.

So far, there is an agreement for the five partners of the government alliance to appear together in the elections in cannelloni, Montevideo and Leapthe three municipalities governed by the Broad Front (FA) several years.

However, within the ranks of the PN, which governs in 15 departments, they do not seem enthusiastic about the idea of ​​merging with their minority partners in the Multicolor Coalition. He Mayor of Paysandú, Nicolás Oliverarecently stated that he was confident in his chances of being re-elected as mayor of the PN, despite the fact that he won by 8.5% in the last electoral contest.

Talking about Rivera, governed for 30 years by the PC, Schipani admitted to radio Montecarlo that at the beginning “it was on top of the table” and that the Riverense authorities were willing to go under a common motto with the other parties.

“The Colorado leaders of the department always indicated that (Rivera) was in the negotiation, the problem is that there was no intention on the part of the PN to put it on the table departments where it is strong“Schipani explained.

The Colorado Party offered the motto in Rivera, but there was no “reciprocity” from the National Party

In that sense, he pointed out that “in view of the lack of reciprocity“On the part of the PN, Rivera was left out of the final negotiations despite the will of his political force.

“Unfortunately, it was not possible to advance beyond these three departments, I hope that in none of these others where there was no agreement there will be a victory for the FA, but (that) clearly It will be the exclusive responsibility of the leaders of the PN who did not want to move forward with an agreement,” said the Colorado legislator.

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