Superclásico: from Riquelme’s euphoria in Boca to Demichelis’ lack of self-criticism in River

Superclásico: from Riquelme’s euphoria in Boca to Demichelis’ lack of self-criticism in River

The repercussions of Super classic They were diametrically opposed. While Juan Román Riquelme, president of Boca, was happy for the “xeneize” victory in Córdoba, which put the team in the semis of the Professional League Cup, in River, Martín Demichelis had little self-criticism and visited the referee’s locker room Yael Falcón Pérez.

Juan Román Riquelme was seen euphoric when he came down from the box at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium: he hugged the people, waved his Boca shirt while singing like just another fan and shouted at River for the comeback victory in Córdoba. The “xeneize” president recalled the three consecutive eliminations of the “Millonario”, which changed what he had suffered during Marcelo Gallardo’s cycle.

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“We are happy to eliminate River three times in a row. I always have confidence that the players will do well. We are lucky that the boys competed well. I think they played a great game. Our forwards have done their job, Miguel ( Merentiel) and Edinson (Cavani) scored again. The boys enjoyed the game. The boys had a lot of confidence and they deserve to celebrate,” he remarked.

Riquelme, between celebrations and chicanes to River

Regarding the three consecutive eliminations that they achieved against River, the president of Boca completed: “All week I was hearing that (Martín) Demichelis was going for his third victory. I never heard that Boca was going for the third consecutive elimination. We are happy that the “The last three times we faced each other, we always passed. It means we are doing things well.”

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Juan Román Riquelme’s voice denoted wear and tear. The thing is that a while before sitting down to speak for television, on the playing field of the Mario Kempes stadium, he had come down from the box he occupied with the rest of the members of the Football Council to hug the fans and join in the chants: “Because the players are going to show me that they go out to win, they want to be champions, that they have it inside them, like I do…”.

There was also room to comment on Diego Martínez, Boca coach, and the Professional League Cup. “If you win, the fan starts to like it. I see Argentine football as very even. I think that short tournaments bring a lot of joy to many teams. Teams have been left out by one point, if it were a long tournament we would say how even everything is there. We are happy with the coach, with the players, very grateful to the older players who accompany the boys and the only thing we think about is competing,” he said in ESPN.

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Even Juan Román Riquelme chose the figure. “I think it was Merentiel, he scored two goals, right? Pol Fernández is the most intelligent player in Argentine football. I don’t change my opinion if I win the Superclásico or not. He is one of the most important players we have, I hope we have him for many years further”.

Benedetto did not deprive himself of celebrating Boca’s victory

Darío Benedetto was present at the superclásico. With the precedent of that 3-1 in the final of the 2018 Copa Libertadores (he stuck out his tongue at Gonzalo Montiel after scoring his goal), today he did it again after the 3-2 that left River eliminated in the hands of Mouth.

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In the middle of the hubbub, when the Boca players were heading to the locker room after having celebrated with the 26,000 fans who came to cheer them on at the Mario Kempes stadium, Darío Benedetto was caught on camera. With the River stand right behind him, the center forward took the opportunity to throw one of those sticks. “Focus there, look. Focus there, they’re all dead,” was heard in the video filmed by @caspersas.

“Pipa” entered 28 minutes into the second half in place of Edinson Cavani, one of the protagonists, who scored the 2-1 score that led to Boca’s comeback. With the match 3-1, the work of the former Arsenal and Gimnasia (J) was more defensive, standing in the middle and aimed at containing the attacks of a River that charged for the discount – he achieved it, but very late. and he complied. Near the end, he threw a bomb into the sky to clear the ball and the danger.

Martín Demichelis did not see the disallowed goal play and visited the referee

Trying to digest with the greatest integrity possible an emotional and football blow. This is what Martín Demichelis noticed after the tough defeat at the hands of the classic rival, Boca, in Córdoba, which left him eliminated from the Professional League Cup. However, he had some curious answers when asked about the most controversial play of the game and also when explaining why he went to the referee’s locker room after the end.

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“I didn’t even see it,” replied the River coach when listening to the question about the goal disallowed for his team in the second half. Sergio Romero took the ball on the line (or inside?) after a rebound off Cristian Lema. The goal was validated, although it was later reviewed by the VAR and it was decided that the ball had not entered in its entirety.

“Did it come in for you?” Martín Demichelis was asked at a press conference. “I don’t know,” he simply replied. The coach visited Yael Falcón Pérez’s dressing room once the match was over and explained why. “I never spoke about the referees and I will never speak. I went to apologize to Falcón Pérez if some of the boys had said something to him, but he told me no, that everything was fine,” he argued.

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On the other hand, Martín Demichelis made an extensive analysis of the defeat in the superclásico: “We had a good first half and started better than the rival, until Zenón’s free kick they had not attracted us. The superclásicos in this country are experienced with a lot of emotion for better and worse. They found the goal in the 46th minute and that makes them mentally better going into the second half. We came out and scored that goal with a prepared play that almost ended up giving us the lead. It ended up being. From a play that we couldn’t reject, it was 2-1. We had just made some changes and it was difficult for us to settle into the game. And the opponent hit us again, even though Lo didn’t reach us. We went looking and we ran out of time,” he said.

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