30 registrations for EEG Wartberg at in-house exhibition

30 registrations for EEG Wartberg at in-house exhibition
There was great interest at the EEG Wartberg information stand.

The Renewable Energy Community (EEG) Wartberg an der Krems was founded this year as a non-profit association. The association enables citizens to exchange electricity directly with one another.

In the current debate about climate change and the urgent need for an energy transition, renewable energy communities are becoming increasingly important. According to those responsible, the advantages of a local energy community range from local value creation to direct citizen participation.

EEG Wartberg presented itself to the public for the first time at the Hauer in-house exhibition. Anyone interested could easily exchange ideas with the founding members and register on the spot.

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There was great interest: more than 30 community citizens from Wartberg and the surrounding communities of Nußbach and Ried im Traunkreis became members of the EEG Wartberg.

Since it was founded in February, EEG Wartberg has already gained more than 100 customers with more than 160 metering points. The current feed-in power is around 1600 kWp, the reference power is 1000 kWh per day. Using hydroelectric power plants on the Krems, a 24-hour service can even be implemented and covered. And this is what the current EEG Wartberg tariffs are: Net purchase tariff: 12 cents/kWh, gross purchase tariff: 14.4 cents/kWh, net feed-in tariff for private individuals/commercials: 8 cents/kWh.

Further information can be found, among others, from EEG chairman Konrad Gebeshuber: [email protected]

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