greetings from the pre-candidates

greetings from the pre-candidates

Different presidential candidates spoke on the holiday for the Labor Day and they greeted the Uruguayan citizens on one of the most commemorative days of the year for all employees.

The candidate for Wide Front, Yamandu Orsi, He published a few words on his social networks in the early hours of this Wednesday. “May 1, workers’ day, 0:25 hours. I’m going to rest, but at this moment there are firefighters, police officers, nurses, ambulance drivers, doctors, bakers, and many others who “They are fulfilling their task as always. Thank you and Cheers!” tweeted the politician, who is expected to be part of the PIT-CNT event.

The pre-candidate for the same party, the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cossefor his part, announced his presence at the event PIT-CNT for worker’s day. “Like every year, we will meet at the May Day event to listen to the PIT-CNT”, assured the pre-candidate.

Greetings and campaign

Two representatives for the National Party They took the opportunity to greet the workers and promote their campaign. One of them is Alvaro Delgado who also spoke in an extensive message to the workers through their social networks. “In it Workers Day, greetings to all the workers of the country. In this Government, of which I was privileged to be a part until very recently, we consider employment as the main social policy,” he tweeted.

“Thanks to what we did, we reached a record number of Uruguayans working, we reduced informality and – despite the crises – we increased real wages, reaching the highest in almost 50 years. We gave more freedom to workers, defending both the right of those who want to strike, as well as those who prefer to go to work,” he added.

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Lastly, he referred to the social security reform. “We reform social security so that all Uruguayan workers have a future, to have a sustainable, fair and more supportive system, in which those retirees who want it, can work and continue receiving their retirement. We leave behind prejudices and We show that we all do well when we function in freedom. What is coming can only be better: we propose to continue generating opportunities, more employment, rights and freedoms for all,” he concluded.

Laura Raffo, For its part, it also took the opportunity to campaign explicitly through its proposals. “We choose to commemorate this Labor Day talking about what matters most: how to create more employment opportunities for everyone,” the candidate tweeted. One of the proposals is the creation of “15,000 jobs for young people and people who did not finish high school in the first year of government.” In addition to exonerating all employer and personal contributions to social security for salaries less than $U30,000.

On the other hand, he assured that they will modernize “the relationship between employee and company, to meet the different needs of workers: split the leave, agree on weekly hours or consider family needs.” Furthermore, he promises to promote “language training by strengthening the INEFOP and we will provide dual training in high schools so that students can do internships and be more prepared for their professional future.”

Meanwhile, he added that they will promote the labor inclusion for people with disabilitiesas well as they will also try to attract more investments. “We will promote the arrival of investment projects throughout the Uruguayan productive matrix, encouraging those that generate development poles in depressed areas and that create long-term jobs,” he concluded.

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