100 years of health resort: Bad Schallerbacher brews an anniversary beer in Wolfsegg

100 years of health resort: Bad Schallerbacher brews an anniversary beer in Wolfsegg
The brewery boss tastes his “Wolfsegger beer”.

Although the Bad Schallerbach thermal water is not suitable for brewing beer, the Wolfsegger spring water is even better, explains Robert Kreuzmayr: “We recently did an analysis according to which the water is perfect for brewing.” The entrepreneur, whose company in Wallern exports machines for juice and must production all over the world and produces juice, must and vinegar himself, has now turned one of his hobbies into a further mainstay: he has been brewing in Wolfsegg in the Vöcklabruck district for a long time year the “Wolfsegger beer”. On the occasion of Bad Schallerbach’s 100th anniversary as a health resort, he produced a special drink: the “Bad Schallerbacher Anniversary Beer”.

It’s a “Vienna Lager”: “It’s a very old, dark variety, rather malty and easy to drink. We could filter it, but it’s naturally cloudy – we want to stand out,” explains Kreuzmayr. You can taste the anniversary beer for the first time on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Genussmarkt in Bad Schallerbach – alongside other specialties from Kreuzmayr’s range.

Brewery boss and inventor

Kreuzmayr slipped into the brewery business – as a mechanical engineer he has 35 years of experience in the beer, cider and cider industries. He even became active as a brewer for the first time when he received a home brewing set for his 40th birthday. “And I don’t do things by halves, I always think big,” explains the entrepreneur. Last year, in addition to a bottling plant for must and cider in Wolfsegg, he also set up a small brewery.

The entrepreneur explains that he doesn’t want to compete with big breweries: “We make beer for connoisseurs.” Unusual creations ferment in its barrels: The “Oatmeal Stout” is brewed with oat flakes. Kreuzmayr himself invented a beer with 100 percent rye malt. “If you mix rye with water, you usually get bread dough. I developed my own brewing process and the result tastes excellent,” he says. He currently sells his beer primarily in party kegs. Kreuzmayr is already expanding the brewery in Wolfsegg and larger tanks will soon be delivered. “We notice that the need is there. Everyone who tastes it is convinced. At the moment we have to make sure that we can deliver the beer that people want,” says the brewery boss. Next he wants to bring his own master brewer to Wolfsegg.

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