The National Party separates itself from the militant Romina Celeste

The National Party separates itself from the militant Romina Celeste

The nationalist admitted that she was seeking to “influence” the Frente Amplio internally, since she knew that the accusation “was going to have consequences.”

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He National Party (PN) he detaches himself from his militant Romina Celeste Papasso after it was confirmed that the complaint of violence made by a trans woman against the presidential candidate of the Broad Front (FA), Yamandú Orsiand which was publicly disseminated by the nationalist, was based on false testimony.

This weekend, the presidential candidate for the PN, Álvaro Delgado, stated that his political force “is not represented” by Papasso and that he represents his own group within the party. “No one can think that the PN is behind this process; if anyone thinks so, they have to prove it and go to court,” he emphasized.

This Sunday, Papasso confirmed to TV Ciudad that he was looking for “influence” within the FA internal promoting the false complaint, since he knew that this “was going to have consequences.”

“Sometimes you don’t have the dimension of the damage you can cause with something you do without foundation,” Papasso was honest about the current situation. In this sense, he acknowledged that at first he believed the whistleblower Paula Díazbut that the latter “lies”.

“That complaint changed my peace of mind within the party (PN), today, I don’t know if they are a little afraid of me, but they see me in a different way, they have a little distance,” he commented regarding his coreligionists.

The same medium broadcast an unpublished audio where Díaz is heard talking about a plan to say something “credible” and with “a lot of drama” on TV. “You have to be famous, my love, in one way or another,” she concludes in his audio.

Javier García called for a “clean” campaign

For his part, the former minister of National Defense (MDN) and PN senator, Javier Garcíacalled on all political actors to run a “clean” campaign after the recent events.

“As we said at that time, let’s run a clean, respectful campaign, it doesn’t mean that the debate of ideas is not strong, but let’s be respectful, not everything goes in politics,” he said.

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