The Peruvian justice system arrested the president’s brother for influence peddling

The Peruvian justice system arrested the president’s brother for influence peddling

He is being investigated for leading a criminal organization with influence to appoint senior positions in power.


The peruvian police he preliminarily detained the president’s brother Dina Boluarte and one of their official lawyers by order of the prosecutor’s office, which is investigating them for alleged influence peddling in a case that would involve the president, according to the Judiciary.

The operation that took place this Friday included the raid of more than 20 properties. The corruption case prosecutor’s office entered the house in Lima of Nicanor Boluartenoted as alleged leader of a criminal organization with influence to appoint high positions in power.

Simultaneously, in another part of the city, the team of prosecutors and the police also raided the man’s home. lawyer Mateo Castañedawho advises the president in a case of alleged illicit enrichment, which Boluarte has already denied, due to the use of luxurious Rolex watches.

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Report of the Judicial Branch of Peru.

Report of the Judicial Branch of Peru.

The institution said that those investigated are charged “charges of criminal organization and influence peddling for alleged influence in the appointment of sub-prefects to finance a criminal network and collect signatures for the registration of a political party linked to the president“.

He Power of attorney reported on the social network The “preliminary arrest” was issued against Nicanor Boluarte Zegarra and others for him ten day periodunder investigation for criminal organization”, adding that the search of their homes was authorized for personal search purposes. The operation included six other arrests of those involved in the case, in addition to the raid, break-in, and seizure of 26 properties located in Lima and three other regions of the country.

Dina Boluarte’s response

The President Boluartewho participated in an international forum in Lima on democracy, He stated that he trusts in the country’s justice without directly referring to the operation by the prosecutor’s office and the police, which was still taking place after its start in the early hours of the day.


“We are not going to be distracted by minor matters, We believe in justice, we believe in the reasonableness of those who administer justice in the countryand along these lines the government will continue to support democracy and respect the Constitution,” he said. in his inauguration speech of the international seminar “Political Constitution, Democracy and Institutional Values”, organized by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

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