Collect free outdoor pool tickets for the Maikäfer

Collect free outdoor pool tickets for the Maikäfer
It’s flight time: the May beetles are already highly active in some regions of the country. This worries farmers.

Anyone who brings a five-liter bucket of cockchafers to the waste collection center will receive a free ticket to the local swimming pools in Gaschurn or Partenen, according to the Montafon community, which called on the population to collect on social media.

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“So that we can get the annoying May beetle problem under control, we should all stick together,” it said. The collected animals are kept cool in the collection center and finally disposed of in the compost bin. This is the procedure recommended by the Vorarlberg Natural History Museum inatura, according to Mayor Daniel Sandrell. By the way, whoever brings the most beetles will receive a season ticket.

Have asked for help several times

In an interview with the APA on Friday, Sandrell was surprised at the huge media response to the campaign. People have often asked for help collecting in strong cockchafer years. Mass events occur especially in years with warm springs. Not only do the larvae of the animals living in the soil damage the turf, which leads to the loss of the hay crop, the adult beetles also eat trees and bushes bare. “They especially like maple. If you shake a trunk, hundreds of them will fall,” Sandrell noted.

He emphasized that “we don’t treat with poison.” In addition to collecting, mushroom barley is also planted. However, it is particularly difficult to combat the large numbers of animals on slopes. The amount of damage cannot be quantified exactly, but in total well over 100,000 euros have already been spent on seeds and mushroom barley, partly covered by state funding.

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