Elmo’s owner speaks out again on Facebook: “Didn’t want to portray me as a victim”

Elmo’s owner speaks out again on Facebook: “Didn’t want to portray me as a victim”
Candles and flowers along the dirt road in Naarn where the fatal dog attack occurred

Two months ago, Kerstin N. was sentenced to 15 months in prison, five of them without parole, for grossly negligent homicide. Her three American Staffordshire Terriers attacked and killed a jogger during a walk on October 2, 2023. As reported, the former dog owner recently spoke out on Facebook. There she apologized again to the jogger’s relatives, but then complained about having lost everything.

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On Sunday she posted again. Her previous one would have left “too much room for interpretation” and she “perhaps expressed herself a little unhappily.” With her posting she didn’t want to get pity or recognition, but rather to present her point of view.

Victim of “media hounding and false reports”

It is impossible to imagine the suffering that occurred “because I overestimated myself.” As a dog owner, it is her job to keep her dogs so that no one gets hurt. “I failed on this point” – that’s why she pleaded guilty to grossly negligent homicide. It would never have occurred to her that her dogs were capable of such a thing; they were never aggressive towards people.

Kerstin N. is haunted by her guilt every day. “Unfortunately, I was not able to prevent the tragedy.” She never wanted to portray herself as a victim of the incident, she writes. “If anyone wants to call me a victim, then it is the victim of the media witch hunt and the false reports.”

Dog ownership law tightened

At the same time, she is aware that because of her, the dog ownership law is being tightened “and many responsible dog owners have to suffer as a result.”

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At the end of her second posting, she again addressed the jogger’s survivors. “I regret that my overconfidence brought so much suffering into your lives.” She can no longer undo the incident, “but I would like to sincerely apologize.” She is deeply sorry.

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