Viennese burglar king drugged and robbed with knockout drops: trial postponed

Viennese burglar king drugged and robbed with knockout drops: trial postponed
The legendary Viennese burglar king Ernst Walter Stummer joked after his statement: “I know every corner of it.”

The now 85-year-old, who, according to his own statements, has not done any crooked things for more than ten years, was invited, not as a defendant, but as a witness. On October 4, 2023, he was drugged with knock-out drops and robbed in his apartment by two prostitutes. “We didn’t find much,” joked Stummer before his questioning.

50 euros and wristwatch stolen

Stummer, who was imprisoned for around 30 years of his life and had sued the Republic of Austria at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to have his months of insurance from his prison work counted towards his pension, readily reported to media representatives what had happened to him. Accordingly, he opened a bottle of champagne after receiving the female visitor. He didn’t notice that one of the two women mixed something into his drink. When he woke up from his twilight sleep, 50 euros had disappeared from his wallet next to the women. The criminals also stole a wristwatch.

“Unprecedented series of robberies”

Now two Hungarian women aged 28 and 43 and a 53-year-old with nine previous convictions, who may have been pulling the strings in the background, had to answer before a jury for aggravated robbery and criminal association. The prosecutor accused them of an “unprecedented series of robberies,” as she explained at the beginning of the trial. From the end of September to the end of November 2023, the defendants contacted ten older and single men via a dating platform, working with fake profiles on which much younger, attractive women could be seen.

During the home visits, the defendants sometimes appeared in pairs, and in four cases the 43-year-old appeared alone. According to the prosecution, after the victims were incapacitated, the 53-year-old came into the apartment, searched the rooms and took the valuables – including an entire safe. According to the prosecution, the loot amounted to cash and jewelry worth a total of 70,000 euros, with two victims being particularly badly treated with damages of 33,500 and 23,200 euros respectively.

Women confessed comprehensively

The women confessed fully. The older woman exercised her right to remain silent and did not answer any questions. The 28-year-old, on the other hand, was more talkative. She said she had been “recruited”: “They said I was neat and beautiful. That’s why the doors were open to me.” After she had drugged the victims, she had to stay with the men who had passed out. The 53-year-old “searched the property” while she was there.

The 53-year-old, who has already been convicted in Hungary for a similar matter, claimed that he only drove the women to their apartments. He knew nothing about drugging and robberies. The hearing was adjourned to June 24 to hear some witnesses.

“I know every corner”

The 85-year-old burglar king has already been questioned. “I questioned it for three minutes,” he said afterwards. He didn’t understand much: “I can’t hear well.” He referred to his statements to the police. After fulfilling his duty as a witness, Stummer left the courthouse via a side exit. He had no difficulties with orientation. “I know every corner of it,” he grinned, referring to his numerous past negotiations in the Gray House.

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