United Kingdom advances general elections to July 4

United Kingdom advances general elections to July 4

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is confident that the improvement in inflation and the deportations of immigrants to Rwanda will favor the vote for the Conservatives. The polls give a comfortable victory to the Labor opposition.

He The United Kingdom will hold early elections on July 4, according to what the British press announced this Wednesday. A decision that is expected to be confirmed this afternoon by the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunakafter the meeting he held in Downing Street with his Government ministers.

With this advance, Sunak will try to take advantage of the momentum of an economy that shows slight signs of recovery and the recent measures approved regarding migratoryincluding the plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwandaalthough for now the polls still place him far from the Labor Party.

Rishi Sunak.webp

Rishi Sunak.

Why the United Kingdom brings forward the general elections

The elections were to be scheduled before the end of January 2025 and Rishi Sunak had until now limited himself to talking about elections “in the second half” of the year. The disastrous poll numbers for the “Tories”increased pressure on the head of the government to call voters to the polls.

A series of good news on an economic level, such as a stopping inflation or taking steps to implement the immigrant expulsion plan irregulars to Rwanda would have ended up convincing Sunak to take the step. After 14 years of Conservative power marked by the Brexit referendum and then the succession of five prime ministers in eight years, the British They seem determined to turn the page and send to Labor’s Keir Starmer, a 61-year-old former lawyer, to 10 Downing Street.

Polls give Laborlocated in the center left, around 45% of voting intentionsfar ahead of the conservatives, relegated to among 20% and 25%, and from the anti-immigration and anti-climactic Reform UK party (12%).

With a system of simple absolute majority vote in each of the 650 UK constituenciessuch results would translate into a large majority for Labor.

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