I’m screwed, he told about his cancer

I’m screwed, he told about his cancer

The former president has undergone 11 of the 30 radiotherapy sessions and is approaching the halfway point of treatment for the tumor he has in his esophagus.

The ex-president José Mujica You are approaching the middle of the first stage of your anti-inflammatory treatment. esophagus cancer with which he was recently diagnosed, and spoke for the first time about how he feels: “tired” and like a “baker’s donkey,” he expressed, with the same sense of humor as always.

As part of a tribute to the former vice president and former Minister of Economy, Danilo Astori, Mujica He told how he handles the treatment of radiotherapy which he is undergoing to treat the tumor that was detected in his esophagus at the end of April. These are a total of 30 x-ray sessions that are carried out from Monday to Friday – lasting between 10 and 15 minutes each -, chosen because they are the best option for an 89-year-old person with a immunological disease and one renal insufficiency.

“I’m screwed,” said the former president on Tuesday night, at a press conference, when asked about his state of health. Regarding how he felt, he added: “To the misery, the treatment they are giving me is like a biaba every day, so I can’t stand on my legs.

Of the 30 scheduled radiotherapy sessions, there are 11, he noted Mujica, and said that at the moment he is “tired.” “I’m like an old baker’s donkey, who made deliveries, who stopped at all the stops without being told,” he said, laughing.

What is Mujica’s cancer like?

He esophagus cancer It is a disease by which they are formed malignant (cancerous) cells in its tissues, with tobacco consumption, high consumption of alcoholic beverages, Barrett’s esophagus or advanced age being the factors that could increase the risks of suffering from the disease.

Between the Signs and symptoms What causes this disease are weight loss and pain or difficulty swallowing. Although the status of the disease, That is to say, what stage of cancer the former president is in, it can be up to grade 4, being the worst of all.

On the other hand, it still remains to determine the tumor grade, ranging from 1 to 3. Which is a description of how abnormal cancer cells look under a microscope and how quickly they might multiply and spread throughout the body:

  • In grade 1, cancer cells look more like normal cells under a microscope, and they multiply and spread more slowly than grade 2 and 3 cancer cells.
  • In grade 2, cancer cells look more abnormal under a microscope, and they multiply and spread faster than grade 1 cancer cells.
  • In grade 3, cancer cells look more abnormal under a microscope, and they multiply and spread faster than grade 1 and 2 cancer cells.

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