Orsi questioned the changes that the Executive wants to make to the gender law and called it opportunism

Orsi questioned the changes that the Executive wants to make to the gender law and called it opportunism

The former mayor of Cannelloni, Yamandu Orsicriticized the government’s initiative that seeks to modify the gender law, based on the false complaint of which the politician was a victim, and called the political move opportunistic.

Last month it was discovered that the complaint of sexual abuse by Paula Diaz against Orsi was false after the alleged victim herself confessed it. From there arose the initiative by the Executive Branch to modify law 19,580 of Violence against women based on gender.

One of the modifications even aims to penalize false complaints regarding gender violence. Faced with this, the Broad Front candidate called the initiative opportunistic. “Sometimes the opportunism or lightness with which some issues are analyzed even leads to the feeling that instead of correcting the situation they run ahead,” he said during a campaign speech in San José.

In that sense, he accused that the gender law has nothing to do with what they did to him. “Our vulnerable population continues to be as much or more vulnerable than before and in reality we do not manage maneuvers that are political in nature for the entire society. Not everyone is like that,” she said. “Domestic violence wreaks havoc and every time something happens you feel like they are moving forward,” she added.

On the other hand, he stressed that the problem lies in the fact that the political system requires that the roles be respected. “Strengthening institutions is something that comes from a long time ago and we must respect it a lot, understanding that each one has to do his job, the opposition must be the opposition and make proposals and the government must govern. The Justice to administer justice and the public ministry to investigate together with the Police accordingly,” he remarked.

What modifications does the new project establish?

The text of the bill sent to Parliament establishes four modifications to Law 19,580, with the objective of providing better justice to those involved in cases of gender violence, as justified by the government, improving aspects that were insufficient or ineffective.

The first modification maintains that in case of conflict or doubt, the interpretation most favorable to women in situations of gender violence, but this should not weaken the guarantees and assessment of the evidence. In that sense, another article indicates that the evidence Offered by both parties must be evaluated in accordance with the principle of sound criticism, respecting the right of defense.

The third article indicates that complaints that are carried out knowingly of a crime that has not been committed or that its signs are simulated, the crime of slander and simulation of crime.

Finally, the last article indicates that after the conviction is obtained, in addition to the sentence, the victim may claim, through the corresponding procedural means, a property repair for damages. If approved, it would modify the current law, which establishes in express text a financial reparation for the victim for an amount equivalent to twelve monthly income of the convicted person, or failing that twelve minimum wages, without prejudice to following the corresponding procedural route to obtain comprehensive repair of damage.

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