Relegation: Fortuna calm and confident – Last chance for Bochum

Relegation: Fortuna calm and confident – Last chance for Bochum

Will Fortuna secure promotion for the second time as a second division team in the relegation round or will Bochum manage another small football miracle?

Fortuna Düsseldorf no longer wants to let the last exit to the Bundesliga be blocked. It is clear to everyone involved that the second division team’s 3-0 victory in the first leg of the relegation match against VfL Bochum is not a free pass to the first division.

But coach Daniel Thioune knows how strong his team is and is prepared for anything. “The boys are so strong mentally. The batteries are not used up yet,” explained the 49-year-old before the return match on Monday (8.30 p.m./Sat.1 and Sky) in Düsseldorf’s EM stadium.

The coach is expecting another intense game. “Bochum will put everything on the line, we are prepared for that,” said Thioune. He can rely on his team. “The boys are always able to adapt quickly,” said the coach.

The Düsseldorf team, who have been undefeated in the championship and relegation rounds for 15 games, can only mess up their potential seventh promotion to the Bundesliga themselves. “We have seen often enough how you can turn a 0:3 deficit around. That’s why we have to stay fully focused and block out the background noise,” said goalkeeper Florian Kastenmeier, who has even managed to turn games like this around with his team this season.

Of course, the locations for a possible promotion celebration have already been chosen. After the game, the celebrations will take place in a large Düsseldorf nightclub, and the day after, probably on the town hall square. Thioune expects his team to take the decisive step seriously and with concentration. “We now have to keep our composure for another 90 minutes,” said Fortuna’s coach. It would be extremely negligent to imagine things at this point.

The fightback announced by Bochum after the embarrassing first leg defeat sounded more defiant than realistic. “If Düsseldorf can score three goals here, why shouldn’t we be able to do it in Düsseldorf,” said playmaker Kevin Stöger. Defender Keven Schlotterbeck promised on the pitch on Thursday evening: “We don’t want to be relegated like this.”

Bochum coach demands passion and attitude

Coach Heiko Butscher was still clearly frustrated from the first leg on Sunday. “We tried to rebuild the team. I can’t say whether we succeeded,” said the interim coach. But he expected a reaction. The 43-year-old Butscher demanded “aggression, intensity, passion and attitude – until the final whistle” from the players.

But after Bochum’s unfortunate performance in front of their own fans, they lack the confidence to make up three goals against the solid Düsseldorf team. Captain Anthony Losilla, who initially remained on the bench in the first leg for tactical reasons, is considered certain to return. Goalkeeper Manuel Riemann will not be considered for the second leg either, and the strong Bernardo will also be missing due to a yellow card suspension.

Relegation would hit Bochum hard, and not just financially. More than a dozen players will leave, a new coach is being sought, and it is questionable whether the club’s sporting leadership, including sporting director Marc Lettau and sports director Patrick Fabian, will remain in office. “I’m at the head of everything, so it’s my responsibility,” said Fabian after the first leg.

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