Family with twelve-year-old child rescued from the Totes Gebirge

Family with twelve-year-old child rescued from the Totes Gebirge
Operation for the rescue helicopter in the Totes Gebirge (symbolic image)

It takes just under five hours from Gößl at Grundlsee to the Albert Appel House on the Henaralm in the center of the Totes Gebirge. For a family who were out on Sunday with their twelve-year-old child, the hike turned out to be a much longer undertaking.

They had planned to reach the already open refuge via the Lahngang lakes, but they lost their bearings in the area of ​​the so-called “Ablassbühel”. The reason for the mistake was probably the snow, which had not yet completely melted on the plateau at the end of May and still partly obscured the usual markings.

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Hut owner called mountain rescue

The parents informed the Appel-Haus hut manager, who in turn alerted the alpine rescue services. The Ausseerland mountain rescue service first had to find the family’s location, but because it was late in the day they finally decided to call in the Christophorus 14 rescue helicopter. Fortunately, the family was able to be rescued from their predicament in the very last light of day.

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At around 9.30 p.m. the rescue helicopter took off with them and brought them to the safety of the valley floor in Bad Aussee.

Localization: The Appel House is located in the middle of the Totes Gebirge

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