Fruit and vegetable prices skyrocket and will not fall for at least two weeks

Fruit and vegetable prices skyrocket and will not fall for at least two weeks

The farm director of the MGAP, Nicolás Chiesa, regretted that agriculture is in the “worst moment” regarding costs.

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The prices of some fruit and vegetables They have been increasing recently due to excess rain, the cold wave and the lack of sun in the crops, a phenomenon that, apparently, will affect the market for another two weeks.

Among the vegetables that suffered the most from the inclement weather are lettuce, chard, spinach, beets, tomatoes, bell peppers and zucchini. On the other hand, fruits such as apples and citrus are not facing the same problem since they are almost all harvested.

According to him farm director of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP), Nicolas Chiesa, Agriculture is in “the worst moment” regarding the costs they are facing and this situation is going to end up extending for a couple more weeks.

In that sense, the leader referred to the fact that the excesses of rains, The cold wave and lack of radiation affected several vegetables that will take time to recover. “That has a period of inertia that will take time to recover in some vegetables faster and in others it will take a little longer,” he explained.

A regional problem

Chiesa assured that not only Uruguay It is complicated by inclement weather, but it is an issue that covers the region. Among those most affected are Brazil, due to the floods that were suffered in the south of the country, as well as Argentina. “Importers are trying to get merchandise in the region and it is complicated,” Chiesa said on Radio Carve.

In this way, it is becoming complicated for the Uruguayan importers bring from neighboring countries the vegetables that are in short supply and that cause the increase in prices. On the other hand, the farm director explained that bringing trucks in the middle of floods is also a factor that makes the operation more expensive. “When these climatic events occur, it is not Uruguay, it is the region. And logistics costs become more expensive,” he explained.

From this premise, according to Chiesa, the answer for the consumer to buy cheap is never imports. “Importation is never the solution for Uruguayan consumers to consume cheaply. “When they consume at a good price is when we have a good national supply of products,” she said.

In that sense, the leader insisted on the importance of paying attention to the smart lists that are published from the portfolio. “Uruguayans became accustomed to consuming certain products all year round,” he commented and highlighted the importance of consuming according to the seasonality of fruits and vegetables.

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