Chris Martin: Shuttle service for disabled fans

Chris Martin: Shuttle service for disabled fans

Unexpected help for a disabled fan on the way to the Coldplay concert. Chris Martin becomes his personal shuttle.

Saundra Glenn received a very special shuttle service to the Coldplay concert. The 64-year-old suffers from arthritis and therefore has difficulty walking. Nevertheless, she made her way to the performance of her favorite band in her hometown of Luton. The band around Chris Martin (47) was on stage at a festival hosted by the radio station BBC Radio 1 at the weekend.

Like Saundra Glenn, she took a break on the way to the venue. She even considered going home and watching the concert from there. But then a black Mercedes pulled up. A woman sitting in it asked Glenn if she could get a ride. When the disabled woman wanted to get in, Chris Martin was sitting in it. The singer wanted to help her into the car, but she politely declined.

“He is such a friendly person”

Get out of the car. “The moment Chris Martin saw me struggling to walk, stopped his car and took me with him,” she wrote. “Unbelievable. I can’t believe this happened.” She praises Chris Martin as a “decent guy.”

In the car, the two chatted “like two old women”. Saundra Glenn apparently found out that Chris Martin is single. That would be a new development, as the star is actually said to be happily in a relationship with actress Dakota Johnson (34). Glenn raved about the ex-husband of Gwyneth Paltrow (51): “He is sensitive to disabilities. He is such a kind person.”

Once at the festival, Chris Martin continued to look after his fan. He organized a golf cart to drive Glenn to the front of the stage. But she threatened to leave again: “I’m 64, Chris. I don’t go to festivals,” she joked. “I just came to see you and now I’ve seen you and can go home.”

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