Mother from Kapfenberg soon to appear in court in Leoben over dead babies

Mother from Kapfenberg soon to appear in court in Leoben over dead babies

She is said to have killed the newborn in February 2023 immediately after birth because she was overwhelmed by the situation. She probably did not notice the pregnancy until she went into labor. Her partner must answer for failure to provide assistance and her sister-in-law must answer for disturbing the peace of the dead, among other things.

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Viktoria Steinegger from the Leoben public prosecutor’s office confirmed a report in the “Kronen Zeitung” on Wednesday, according to which the charges against the three accused are already legally binding. The Leoben regional court said that the case would be heard next week on June 5 before a lay judge’s court. The trial is scheduled for one day.

The then 27-year-old mother gave birth to her child alone in her apartment late in the evening on February 21st and obviously lost a lot of blood herself. Completely overwhelmed, she is said to have sent photos of it to her partner and father of the child. According to the indictment, however, he did not respond to them at first. The mother is likely to have killed the child while still under the impression of giving birth. According to the autopsy, it died about three to four hours after birth, on February 22nd, 2023. Strangulation and stab wounds as well as injuries caused by blunt force were found on the infant’s body.

Only hours after the first photos were taken, the partner claims to have realized the danger and then called his relatives so that they could check on his girlfriend. When the sister-in-law arrived, there was no way to save the baby. She wanted to dispose of the child in a garbage bag along with bloody scissors and clothing. A paramedic who had just arrived discovered the bag and may have prevented it from being disposed of, Steinegger said in an interview with APA.

Mother largely confessed

The mother must now answer for Section 79 of the Criminal Code – killing a child during birth – which is why the trial will be held by a lay judge rather than a jury. Up to now, she has largely confessed and stated that she was overwhelmed by the situation. She had not even noticed the pregnancy because she had not missed her period and had hardly gained any weight.

The partner is accused of not calling for help for his wife immediately despite the photos showing the large amount of blood. The sister-in-law was charged with disturbing the peace of the dead and with attempting to suppress evidence. Neither of them has confessed yet.

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