The dollar fell slightly, but is still close to $39

The dollar fell slightly, but is still close to $39

He dollar fell 0.09% compared to Wednesday and closed at 38,709 pesos, according to data from the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU), so it moderated the previous increase and remains a few cents away from 39 pesos.

Despite the decline, the US currency has accumulated a rise of 1.02% so far this month and is on track to close a positive May. On the other hand, in the comparison with the end of 2023, the dollar maintains a depreciation of 0.80%, at a time when criticism for the exchange delay.

On the reference board of the Republic Bank (BROU), the retail dollar bill was offered at 37.50 pesos for purchase and 39.90 pesos for sale. For its part, the preferential value of eBROU dollar It was 38 pesos for purchase and 39.40 pesos for sale.

The closing price in the Uruguayan Electronic Stock Exchange (Bevsa) It was 38,700 pesos, while the maximum price was 38,750 pesos, and the minimum was 38,650 pesos. A total of 46 transactions were carried out, with a transaction amount of more than 37.8 million dollars.

The crypto Tether (USDT)1 to 1 parity with the dollarwas quoted today at an average of 41.27 pesos for online purchases through a bank or card, and from 40.50 pesos to 42.64 pesos in the Binance peer-to-peer (P2P) market.

The quote of dollar prex It was at 38.51 pesos for purchase, and at 38.89 pesos for sale.

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The claims of different sectors about the dollar

He exchange delay is around 15%, according to data from the BCU, Therefore, there are several sectors that ask the government for measures to mitigate the effects of a dollar that fails to recover ground.

It is the case of the Union of Exporters of Uruguay (UEU), which this Thursday issued a document in which it requested that the monetary politics is “in tune with the local and international macroeconomic situation,” by calling to avoid “exchange misalignments that harm the productive export sector.”

For the UEU, “this goes hand in hand with a change in governance and independence of the BCU.” Thus, although he defended the free floating of the exchange rate, required mechanisms for managing large foreign investments to prevent them from impacting the local exchange market.

For its part, the Rural Federation He also presented his proposals to the presidential candidates, where they considered that they are necessary “specific tax relief” to mitigate the burden of exchange delay.

They also defended the free floating of the dollar, but they requested “improving the capacity to cushion the effects on the exchange rate in the face of dollar inflows that distort the market at certain times.”

The dollar throughout the previous days

  • May 23 — 38,478
  • May 24 — 38,546
  • May 27 — 38,553
  • May 28 — 38,529
  • May 29 — 38,744

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