After racism scandal: Punks plan demos on Sylt this weekend

After racism scandal: Punks plan demos on Sylt this weekend

Punks have been on Sylt for the past two years to criticize capitalism. They want to come back this weekend. This time, the event is very topical.

Following the racism scandal on Sylt, punks are planning several rallies on the North Sea island this weekend. Under the motto “Be loud against the right!” the group Aktion Sylt called on people to take part in the actions via Instagram.

A parade through Westerland is planned for Saturday afternoon, followed by a vigil with music in the evening in the bar in Kampen, where guests had shouted racist chants at Pentecost. A walking demonstration is planned for Sunday.

Call for participation from the general public

Organizer Jonas Hötger told “Spiegel”: “We invite everyone who wants to oppose the shift to the right in society.” The means of demonstration are “jukeboxes, banners, posters, handcarts, music”.

In addition, another demonstration is planned for Sunday by the group “Sylt against the right”. The punks called on people to take part in this demonstration as well. “But we also want to make our own speeches and visit other places,” says Hötger. That’s why they are also registering demonstrations themselves.

Nationwide outrage after video of racist yelling

Last weekend, a short video from a party in a bar on Sylt sparked outrage nationwide because guests chanted racist slogans such as “Foreigners out” and “Germany for the Germans” during “L’amour toujours”. The video spread rapidly online. Politicians, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz, were appalled. The Flensburg public prosecutor’s office is now investigating a woman and two men on suspicion of incitement, and one of the men on suspicion of using symbols of an unconstitutional organization. Reports of similar incidents are piling up.

The punks have already demonstrated on Sylt over the past two years – the focus is on their criticism of the capitalist system. There have been repeated complaints about noise, garbage and stench. This summer they are planning to set up camp on Sylt again for several weeks starting on July 22nd.

Source: Stern

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