Israel bombed Gaza from north to south

Israel bombed Gaza from north to south

Almost a month after the start of the ground offensive against Rafaha city in the south of the border enclave with Egypt, fighting was recorded again in other sectors of the Palestinian territory.

According to reports from a witness, there was artillery fire in Jan Unis, a practically demolished city a few kilometers from Rafah, also bombed.

The Israeli strikes hit Gaza City in the north, as well as the Palestinian camp of Al Bureij and Deir el Balah, in the center of the territory ruled by Hamas since 2007.

The beginning of a conflict that seems to have no end

The conflict broke out on October 7 of last year, when Islamist commandos They killed 1,194 people, mostly civilians, in southern Israel. The militants also kidnapped 251 people and Israel claims that 120 remain captive in Gaza, of whom 41 have reportedly died.

In response, Israel vows to “annihilate” Hamas and launched an air and ground offensive that has so far left 36,550 dead in Gaza, according to the Ministry of Health of the Hamas government.

After almost eight months of conflict, nothing seems to point to progress in the plan for a ceasefire presented on Friday by US President Joe Biden, and which according to him was proposed by the Israelis.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced late Tuesday that the war cabinet was meeting, without giving other details.

At the same time, the Parliament of Slovenia, a member country of the European Union and NATO, approved a decree recognizing Palestine as a Statethus joining Spain, Ireland and Norway, which did so on May 28 in a decision that outraged Israel.

Israel estimated that more than a third of the hostages in the Gaza Strip are dead

Israel believes that more than a third of the hostages held by terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip died, as revealed this Tuesday by a Government count. In this framework, the United States insists on its proposal to end the war with Hamas.

According to the government’s count, 120 people remain captiveof the 250 that were captured during the October 7 cross-border attack that sparked the war.

Israeli officials believe that 43 of the hostages held in Gaza are dead based on various sources of information, such as data from intelligence services, videos from security cameras or bystanders and forensic analysis. Some even predict that the number of deaths could be higher.

Israel declares four more hostages held by Hamas in Gaza dead

Israel declared four other hostages dead what were kidnapped on October 7, including three elderly adults who appeared in a Hamas video pleading for their release. The military identified the four men as Haim Perry, Yoram Metzger, Amiram Cooper and Nadav Popplewell.

Monday’s announcement increases pressure on the Israeli government to accede to the US government’s proposal for a cease fire that can guarantee the return of the hostages who remain captive in Gaza and end the war after eight months. Around 80 hostages are believed to be still alive in Gaza out of 120 captives.

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