A basketball legend, Rubén Magnano, Olympic champion coach, retires

A basketball legend, Rubén Magnano, Olympic champion coach, retires

It was announced by the champion coach at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, aged 69, after working in Brazil and Uruguay. It is to dedicate himself to his family.


The world of basketball he was completely shocked. At 69 years old, Ruben Magnanothe coach who led the Golden Generation to glory at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, put an end to his fantastic adventure as a coach: “I don’t direct anymore. I am in a moment in which I do not intend to have distractions that take away the valuable time that I have for my family today. That’s why I hang up my boots.”stated the man from Córdoba in an interview with Super Deportivo Raio, on Cooperativa Television.

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Emanuel Ginobili, Luis Scola, Fabricio Oberto, Andrés Nocioni, “Pepe” Sanchez, Alejandro Montecchia and Ruben Wolkowyski They were some of the stellar figures that he knew how to lead Ruben Magnano, who also had emblematic steps in the National Basketball League, the Italian League and the ACB of Spain. In addition, he directed the Uruguay and Brazil teams.

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Two decades after the gold medal at the Athens Olympic Games, where the Golden Generation was consecrated, the coach from Cordoba was forceful: “I didn’t even think about what things would be seductive today for me to direct again. I don’t take the time to think about it. Besides, because I am in a stage of my life, I do not intend to have distractions that take away the valuable time that I have for myself and my family today. That time is not negotiable, because I know that if I direct again, I will have to take that time that I consider valuable today. Those are the reasons for that decision, but I feed myself with basketball things.”said the coach.

An indelible legacy for basketball

In an intimate interview, Ruben Magnano He asked to be remembered for his serious, rigorous and low-profile work: “Let them remember me as they do today! I am living in a normal, simple way. In a very human way. I am living a very great moment of gratitude. That recognition strengthens me. That they remember me as a person who has taken as a bastion something that in this society is not being taken as seriously as it should be. Let them remember me for having taken them somewhere for work. Let them remember me working”.

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The Córdoba coach explained that his career was always linked to places where he understood that he could develop his ideas and that he could contribute something. When asked about why he never coached in the NBA, he explained: “Because of who I am, I wouldn’t have fit in the NBA as a coach. I don’t see myself in the NBA. I didn’t see it as attractive to direct the NBA, but I must also clarify that I never had the opportunity to do it. Not even being the 5th assistant to the head coach. I don’t watch NBA, it’s not to my palate. I see the definitions, the play offs, but it’s not that I care. What’s more, if I start watching a game, I don’t finish watching it.”.

A rosary of titles in basketball

After learning of the withdrawal, Julio Lamas, who was his assistant on the national team, expressed himself on social networks: “Everyone stand up. Rubén Magnano retires. He led us to glory in Athens 2004 and beat the Dream Team. He always believed that the next game could be won and he prepared them in detail like no one else. A fundamental person in the history of our basketball. Thank you, Ruben.”

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In Athens in 1990 he began the path, obtaining 9 titles, including international achievements such as the South American Club League, the Pan American and the South American. He left his mark on Luz y Fuerza de Posadas in the 1994/95 season. With the Argentine team, Ruben Magnano He was champion of the South American and the Pan American with the U-21 category and with the greatest he achieved glory in the South American and FIBA ​​Americas (2001), he won the gold medal in Athens 2004 and the silver in Indianapolis 2002. He stayed with the memory of the victories over the United States, which meant being the first team to defeat a Dream Team, made up of 12 NBA players. He was named coach of the year in the 1999/2000 National League, won the Platinum Konex Award as best technical director of the decade in Argentina (2010) and entered the FIBA ​​Hall of Fame in 2021.

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