José Mujica showed his concern for Milei and the increase in poverty in Argentina

José Mujica showed his concern for Milei and the increase in poverty in Argentina

The former president pointed out that the Argentine president is “more difficult than a headwind” and “a phenomenon in political theory.”

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He former president of the Republic, Jose Mujicashowed his concern for the government of Argentine President Javier Mileias well as the increase in poverty in Argentinawhich reached 55.5% of the population during the first quarter, as estimated by the director of the Social Debt Observatory of the Argentine Catholic University (UCA), Augustine Salviain exclusive dialogue with Ambit.

This Wednesday, after being consulted about the diplomatic confrontation between the Argentina and Spain after what was the exchange of statements between Milei and the Spanish President Pedro Sánchezthe leader of the Broad Front (FA) He jokingly noted that the Argentine head of state is “more difficult than a headwind.”

In that sense, he expressed that he had never seen “a capitalist anarchist” and that therefore the Argentine president “is a phenomenon in political theory.” “The anarchists were against the State, but they were against property, but the State embraces property and is against the State,” he said in reference to Milei, who defines himself as an “anarcho-capitalist.”

When asked about the escalation of poverty in Argentina and the current economic crisis expressed: “How can I not be concerned, brother? It is convenient for us to Argentina Let it go well, let the porteñada come to lizard Punta del Este and spend money.”

“I would like the electoral campaign not to be the carnival of promises”

At the local level and in reference to elections, Mujica He stated that he would “like” that “the electoral campaign were not the carnival of promises.”

Likewise, he explained that the government that comes, regardless of color, will have to “pay the bills that this one leaves behind.” “Those roads are very nice, they are great, but you have to pay for them and Creditel doesn’t pay.” “And the work that is coming for the water will also have to be paid for,” he said in reference to the project and the sanitation plan for the towns in the interior of the country that he is carrying out. SBI.

Finally, Mujica He said that not everything that is promised in the campaign can be fulfilled, unless “the economy grows miraculously,” but that “nothing indicates that there are miracles.”

“Sometimes it can happen that international prices are spectacular, that has been decisive in the history of the country for better or worse, at Colorado Party (PC) who governed for 90 years was brought out by a price crisis, I will never forget,” he pointed out in this regard.

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