PFAS alarm in Bad Goisern: Parkbad must be closed

PFAS alarm in Bad Goisern: Parkbad must be closed
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The 1,500 cubic meters of water from all three basins will be released starting Friday, Mayor Leopold Schilcher (SPÖ) confirmed a report on “MeinBezirk.at” on Thursday. How the contamination came about is still unclear.

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“On the urgent recommendation of the Gmunden district authority, the water in the pools will be replaced with tap water from the Goisern water cooperative in order to ensure the safety and health of bathers. The park pool will be closed from June 7 for these necessary works,” it said on the municipality’s homepage.

Limit exceeded by “three to four times”

The pollution was measured during a routine inspection of the groundwater well used to fill the pool. The limit for drinking water planned by the EU from 2026 was exceeded by “three to four times,” the mayor told APA. Even if swimming in the water does not pose a health risk, there is no guarantee that children in particular will not swallow this water, said Schilcher.

PFAS are a group of more than 4,700 man-made chemicals that are extremely persistent and increasingly accumulate in humans and the environment. They are therefore referred to as “forever chemicals”. Forever chemicals are found in coatings on pans, disposable tableware or outdoor clothing, in cosmetics or fire extinguishers.

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