from Abdala’s concern about Lacalle Pou’s role to Fossati’s ignorance

from Abdala’s concern about Lacalle Pou’s role to Fossati’s ignorance

Those around the president of the PIT-CNT assured that the news surprised him, while the prosecutor in the case at that time claimed that she had not seen anything nor had she been informed.

The confirmation of espionage on the president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala, and to the fact that the president of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, was aware of the situation worried the union leader; Meanwhile, the prosecutor of the Astesian case at that time, Gabriela Fossati, She claimed not to have seen anything nor to have been informed about the subject.

Although the union leader preferred not to make statements before his presentation to the public during the tribute to Amelia Sanjurjo that will take place in the University of the Republic (Udelar), Apparently he will not do so during the event either since he considers, according to his surroundings, “that it is neither the time nor the place.”

However, those close to him assured that Adbala was surprised and at the same time worried by the news that the President of the Republic was aware of his espionage. In that sense, they commented that “he will calmly define the actions to follow,” as confirmed by El País.

Fossati didn’t know anything

During his work as prosecutor in the case Astesiano, Fossati received a complaint from the union leader for illegitimate monitoring based on conversations that came to light between the former custodian of Lacalle Pou and the deputy executive director of the Police at that time, Jorge Berriel.

However, given the lack of evidence, the prosecutor closed the matter since no progress could be made with a possible accusation. “It was possible to verify that, based on the specific event, some information was later issued and those cameras were observed. Whether or not that is illegal, until now I have no evidence to ensure that it is illegal,” she said at the time.

Regarding the conversation between Astesiano and Lacalle Pou for WhatsApp where they talked about the crash that Abdala had and the suspicion that whether or not he had been in a drug den, the prosecutor assured that she knew nothing. “Not even Police He warned me, I didn’t even see anything about that chat. My team was not aware either,” she told Montevideo Portal.

“I don’t know about the base paste mouth. Yes, at the time Abdala told me that the day he crashed he had had a complicated day due to personal problems,” she added.

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