I always receive information, stated Lacalle Pou about Astesiano’s espionage on Abdala

I always receive information, stated Lacalle Pou about Astesiano’s espionage on Abdala

He Republic President, Luis Lacalle Poustated that he “always receives information” about people and issues that could be of importance to the country, after a private conversation he had with his friend came to light. former presidential custodian Alejandro Astesianofrom which it was confirmed that the president was aware of the latter’s espionage on the president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala.

This Thursday, when approached by the press, The street Pou remarked: “I always receive information. From Astesiano, from the (Secretary of) Intelligenceof the Ministry of Interior and other State agencies”.

“I always received information, when they are matters that are important in some way, are transcendent, or include or involve transcendent and important people, I receive information,” insisted the head of state.

Likewise, he confirmed that he did receive the information about Abdala, but that “the difference is that this information is not used, nor was it used.” “As a result of a chat that you (journalists) have, that I don’t have, or at least it is in the police case, which says (the word) ‘perfect’, today I have been listening to all speculations.”

“I want to be very clear, first because this is in the Justice. Second, because I do not deny that I always received information. The third thing is that dancing all the time to the music of those who are leaking information, biased information that should be in some way reserved, already has our legs cramping,” she shot.

“Whoever has something to say, the best thing they can do is go to court”

“Whoever has something to say, any citizen, any person or a political party, today I was reading statements from many political leaders, the best thing they can do is go to court,” he continued. “If it is really believed that the President of the Republic acted illegally: To Justice,” he said. Lacalle Pou.

In that sense, he highlighted the fact that, a few days before the internal“continue dancing to the music that some want to play” does not make sense, in his opinion.

“I don’t remember it (the conversation) but it has been in court for a year and a half, I am speaking because there is an obviously organized leak here. We are all big here, right?” he launched with defiant glances at the journalists.

“If the president is accused of something, I will gladly be in any court first thing tomorrow morning, because, you know what? I have a clear conscience. Some want to muddy the field, perhaps because they have nothing else to say “He fired at the media and the opposition. “They are playing to get (some conversations) that they want and others they don’t, it is impossible, unfortunately,” he insisted again.

In another order, he said that he had not contacted Abdala yet, since “today was a special day” in reference to the tribute of Amelia Sanjurjo on the esplanade of the University of the Republic (UdelaR), of which the president of the PIT-CNT was a part and refused to make statements.

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