Marcos Di Palma lashed out at the former president of the ACTC: “He messed up everything”

Marcos Di Palma lashed out at the former president of the ACTC: “He messed up everything”

The former pilot Marcos Di Palma attacked the former president of the Road Tourism Corridors Association (ACTC), Oscar Aventínby accusing him of “He stole all the money from Motorsports for All”.

Di Palmawho left the tracks a decade ago, launched harsh accusations against Aventin, whom he branded as a “thief” and blamed for having significantly harmed the Road Tourism.

According to the “Loco”, the “Puma” would have appropriated 10 million dollars annually from the “Automovilismo Para Todos” program.

Di Palma Thus he revived an old confrontation against the former leader of the ACTC, in an interview on the YouTube program “Clasificando”: “El ‘Puma’ Aventin He was a thief. In the ‘Motor Racing for Everything’ I would have liked to know where the money went.”

“I retired when Automovilismo Para Todos came in. Diego Aventín, with apartments in Miami, the ‘Puma’ Aventín, where did they get the money from? It was stolen“said the 51-year-old from Reef, also referring to Diego Aventín, son of the former leader.

During the Interview, Di Palma He also recalled with disdain the championship of Road Tourism won by Diego Aventín in 2013: “Aventín squirted it allthe ‘Pumita’ became champion with a ‘dotty’ engine and everyone knew it and no one said anything.”

He became the owner of the category and left it there and went to hell. I don’t know where the ‘Puma’ is. Sorry for what I say, that’s where he died and I have no fucking idea,” he shot. Di Palmawithout sparing harsh words against the former leader.

Oscar Aventinwho was two-time TC champion in 1991 and 1992, assumed the presidency of the ACTC on August 8, 2001, after the resignation of Juan Carlos Deambrosi, and remained in office until October 1, 2013.

As accused by “Marquitos” Di Palmaduring his mandate, Aventin “he would have diverted large sums of money” and accused his management as “corrupt and harmful” to Argentine motorsports.

When asked why he decided to continue running during the presidency of Aventin, Di Palma He explained: “I ran because, bad as bad, they had to do something so that people would pay and have the money for the ACTC. After that came Automovilismo Para Todos and there I said: ‘I can’t run anymore, if these are going to steal everything’. And said and done: They lost 10 million dollars a year and they lost it all“.

Di Palma He also harshly criticized the management of funds allocated to motorsports.

Instead of supporting the categories below, the TC Pista champion Pay him all year round for the motors and tires of the TC, encourage categories, improve bathrooms for people, he stole it all, a thief. Let’s not waste time. If he even stole gasoline, he was a lifelong thief. He is going to die and no one is going to remember him,” the former pilot stressed.

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