Cosse and Orsi asked for serious explanations from Lacalle Pou about the scandal with Astesiano

Cosse and Orsi asked for serious explanations from Lacalle Pou about the scandal with Astesiano

The pre-candidates for the presidency of Uruguay for him Wide Front Carolina Cosse and Yamandu Orsi They referred again to the recent derivations of the Astesian case, this time after the president’s release Luis Lacalle Pou regarding his exchange with his former security chief in relation to the “illegitimate monitoring” of the owner of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala. For both leaders, the president’s explanations were neither sufficient nor acceptable.

“It is a serious issue and the president’s explanation is not acceptable,” Cosse said at a press conference on Thursday night, after hearing Lacalle Pou’s statements that he “always receives information” about people and issues that could be of importance for the country.

“It is not information like any other. It arises from a rumination of its custodian and that makes him set up a kind of secret investigation around the president of the union movement. It is completely original information irregular and out of order,” said the mayor of Montevideo in use of license, and added that alluding to an “issue of forms” as the head of state did is “distracting our attention.”

“What has emerged is serious and I think that at the time, when it arose, the president should have cut it short. He did not do it, now he boasts that he receives information, it is a serious issue, let’s hope that he clarifies himself for the good of all Uruguayans. It would be very healthy for the president to give a serious explanation”, Cosse finished.

For his part, Orsi pointed to the use of “state media”, in this case, the Police, to look for something in Abdala that, in the end, was not the case. “That no less than the president of the union confederation should try to assign something that in reality did not happen and that they should search by all means, no less than with the state media, to find something that in reality there was never any indication that this was the case.” If it happens, I think it’s not just anything,” said the candidate, also at a press conference, on Thursday night.

“Because what is clear there is that it was not a very clean job. I think the issue of Astesian had a lot to do with that, so one can never endorse that, and even less so if he is occupying the place he is occupying,” added the Frente Amplista, in reference to Lacalle Pou.

The PIT-CNT analyzes reporting to the ILO

For its part, the PIT-CNT is evaluating reporting to the International Labor Organization (ILO) the “illegitimate monitoring” of the president of the union confederation, Marcelo Abdala.

The presentation would be by the delegation headed by the general secretary who is in Geneva, Switzerlandparticipating in the 112th ILO Conference; next Tuesday the 11th when it is his turn to speak to those present. There, the speech “will surely include the topic Astesian and the investigation that our president, Marcelo Abdala, had as its objective,” he said. Joselo Lopeztitle of COFFEE, to Informativo Uruguay.

Although there is agreement that the union movement “must be cautious in the face of an event of these characteristics,” it is also generally understood that “the tracking severity to a union leader from the presidency of the Republic,” López stressed.

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