Criticism of SP community spokesman on Steinhaus

Criticism of SP community spokesman on Steinhaus
Tobias Höglinger, member of the state parliament and community spokesman of the SPÖ

As reported on Friday, SP municipal spokesman Tobias Höglinger had addressed a request to Deputy Governor Manfred Haimbuchner (FP) regarding the critical audit report on Steinhaus near Wels. He is not only responsible for municipal supervision at the state level, but is also the FP parliamentary group leader in Steinhaus.

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Yesterday, Höglinger received a response to Haimbuchner’s inquiry, which the OÖN also has. Höglinger reacted with criticism: According to the response, the state has not filed a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office. “We will now consult with our experts again to see whether we should submit a statement of facts ourselves,” Höglinger wrote in a statement.

He cites legal experts and administrative lawyers – the MP does not name them in more detail – who say that some of the facts in the report could have legal consequences. “The fact that the supervisory authority has not taken action in this context is something to be questioned, especially because the responsible advisor in the state government is the parliamentary group leader of the mayor’s party in Steinhaus,” says Höglinger.

Examination every seven to 14 years

Haimbuchner’s answer also shows that municipalities are audited by the municipal supervisory authority every seven to 14 years, with Steinhaus last audited in 2010. “This long audit interval cannot be attributed to the fact that this is Haimbuchner’s home municipality, that he is the parliamentary group leader there and that the mayor is his party friend,” says Höglinger.

At the beginning of the case in April, Haimbuchner himself explained that he had deliberately commissioned the State Audit Office to carry out the audit, rather than the municipal supervisory authority that reports to him. In doing so, he wanted to avoid the appearance of bias. The audits would serve to identify and exploit potential for improvement in the municipality.

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