The Electoral Court rejected 25% of the signatures that have been processed for the PIT-CNT plebiscite

The Electoral Court rejected 25% of the signatures that have been processed for the PIT-CNT plebiscite

The state body has already challenged more than 55,000 signatures and there is concern among the leadership of the union center.

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The Electoral Court has already rejected 25% of the signatures that have been processed so far for the approval of the plebiscite of the PIT-CNT against social security reformand there is concern among the leaders of the union center.

On Saturday, the public body reported that of the 430,023 signatures presented by the PIT-CNT At the end of April, some 231,452 were already entered into the system, of which some 223,664 were processed and some 7,778 are still in process.

Of the total number of signatures processed, some 55,610 signatures were challenged, most of them (some 29,803) because the signature line does not match their identity documents. Another of the main causes was the presentation of incomplete data, although minors and even a person who does not appear on the electoral roll were also registered.

Until now, the Electoral Court has validated 168,054 of the 223,664, that is, more than 60% of the 276,151 necessary to approve the plebiscite and 6.0856% of the total number of those registered on the electoral roll (2,761,513 people).

Of the 7,788 signatures that are in process, some 7,601 are for tracking, some 159 for registration comparison and some 28 require the resolution of the supervisors.

The concern of the PIT-CNT regarding the high number of rejected signatures

He PIT-CNT delegate, Luis Vegaassured last week that the union center requested a review of the signatures classified as “non-matching”, since they understand that it is evident that “the lines of those people changed.”

“It is not because there are 28,000 adulterations, no one can believe that 28,000 signatures were forged, it is all scaffolding 28,000,” said the union leader.

In May, Open Town Hall (CA) announced that he will continue gathering signatures for his debtors’ plebiscite and that it will be put to a vote in the departmental elections of 2025since it is not certain that the adhesions collected exceed the necessary threshold for the Electoral Court to approve the popular consultation, as a result of what is happening with the initiative of the union center.

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