At a partisan event, Donald Trump warned that if he does not win the elections there will be a Third World War

At a partisan event, Donald Trump warned that if he does not win the elections there will be a Third World War

He former president of the United States Donald Trump continues to direct his candidacy ahead of the November elections and led a massive event in Las Vegas where hundreds of his followers assured that, despite the judicial process against him, he will support at the polls.

The former president warned of the consequences of not being elected on November 5: “We will go to World War III,” he launched.

The event was a thermometer of the impact it can have on the campaign the result of the trial that the former president faced last month in NYwhere a jury found guilty of falsifying business records to avoid a sexual scandal in the final stretch of the 2016 campaign that took him to the White House.

Trump supporters assured that “they will not change their vote”

The followers of the Republican leader, who is emerging as the favorite to compete against Biden In November, they considered that the Justice ruling can only strengthen their candidacy.

I don’t care what happened at the trial, that doesn’t change my vote for him“Lindsay Elliott, 40, who came with her family to Sunset Park in Las Vegas, told AFP. “I think (the ruling) is going to help him. I think Americans are fed up with this and are angry.“he noted.

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Thousands of Donald Trump supporters at a rally in Las Vegas.

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His daughter, Mackenzie, who will vote for the first time in this election, said she is “excited” to participate in her first political event. “What happened (with the trial) is bad, but I think It will strengthen it and encourage voters more to go to vote“added the 19-year-old.

At 10:00 in the morning, the line to enter the event stretched for miles along Sunset Park.

The tycoon, who faces three other cases in court, attacked Biden in an almost hour-long speech as “the worst president in the history” of the country, in addition to repeating the conspiracy theory that the 2020 elections were “stolen.” ” by Democrats, even though investigations have found no evidence.

Donald Trump puts the focus of his campaign on anti-immigration policies

In his speech, Trump alluded to his promise of a more drastic anti-immigration policya theme that seems to paradoxically resonate with part of the Latino community in USA.

For Karen Hall, a 46-year-old Chilean who still cannot vote because she is a resident of USAthe issue is crucial.

“I don’t like the mess that exists so far. I am an immigrant and I had to wait years to get my visa and arrive legallyand it bothers me that so many immigrants arrive illegally and pass by as if nothing had happened, that bothers me a lot, that’s why I support President Trump,” he considered.

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