Robert Silva accused the Frente Amplio of leaving a security catastrophe

Robert Silva accused the Frente Amplio of leaving a security catastrophe

The pre-candidate of Colorado Party Robert Silva He maintained that the current government received “the worst security in the history of the Uruguay from the hands of “Broad Front” and that, therefore, citizens must choose “whether to return security to those who generated the catastrophe.”

The theme of the security It has been central to the electoral campaign, not only in terms of the internal elections – for which there are only 19 days left – but also thinking about October and the definition of a new government starting in March 2025. In this framework, the Colorado pre-candidate and former president of the They codify, Silva pointed out that although “security continues to be a problem,” it is a legacy of the previous Broad Front administration.

“Do not forget that we receive, and it is not going back to the past, it is having awareness, we receive the worst security in history of Uruguay at the hands of the Frente Amplio, with 15 years that encouraged the catastrophe, which generated a catastrophe in terms of security,” he noted in the Arriba Gente program on Channel 10.

“Was there progress on some things? Yes, there was, and it must be recognized. It’s enough? No,” he acknowledged about the coalition’s management in that sense. But he assured that they are “doing things with security, knowing that security is a problem and we must continue working.” For the candidate, “the course is set and there has not been a situation of lack of control,” with the exception of some particular “dramatic situations.”

Along these lines, he considered that “what people have to resolve is: return security to those who generated the catastrophe or trust this government and our technical teams to continue improving, knowing that we have problems, knowing that the “Drug trafficking is a problem.”

Asked about the recognition made by the president Luis Lacalle Pou that so far they have not been able to deal with the homicides, Silva responded: “I am saying that security continues to be a problem. People have to decide: do we go back to what was before, to those who generated the security catastrophe, or do we continue down this path? I have no doubt that we must continue down this path, recognizing that there is a problem,” he insisted once again.

Manini Ríos wants “firmness”

Another candidate who referred to security and management by the government was Open Town Hall, Guido Manini Ríos. In this regard, the current senator asked for “firmness” on the part of the Executive power and suggested that the path adopted by the government “is not the solution” to this social problem.

“In a few months there can be significant, substantial changes, provided things are done with the necessary firmness, as we say: provided we take the bull by the hook once and for all,” he commented at a press conference. In that sense, he understood that not only should work be done at the level of National Policebut we also have to “address different directions”, such as carrying out an anti-drug policy and addressing the prison problems that the Uruguay.

Likewise, he highlighted the “social policy” character of the fight against unsafetysince this mainly affects “the most fragile”, since these “cannot afford private security” or “bars and alarms” and are “those who depend on the effectiveness, efficiency, effectiveness of the competent authorities in the matter”.

“Uruguayans may have better numbers today in terms of crimes, but the numbers are not acceptable. We deserve to live in other conditions, much better,” he said in reference to the recent sayings of the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pouwho expressed that the number of crimes decreased, but that his government “has not been able” to deal with the homicides.

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