“Appeal to the Huskies and Hertha to find a solution by July”

“Appeal to the Huskies and Hertha to find a solution by July”

Wels sports clubs have made headlines in recent weeks not so much with top sporting achievements, but more with conflicts and animosities among each other. As reported, the newly founded Hertha Wels team does not want to extend the lease agreement with the Huskies Wels football club in Mauth because the playing fields are needed for young footballers. The Huskies even threatened to sue.

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There was also criticism of the dimensions of the police sports club’s new shooting range for around 350 sports shooters (cost: 3 million euros for the shooting range, 1.8 million for the clubhouse).

Sit at a table

Yesterday, Mayor Andreas Rabl (FP) and Sports Officer Gerhard Kroiß (FP) made it clear at a press conference on the renovation concept for the Wels sports facilities that no additional playing areas could be made available in the short term. “SPG Hertha and the Huskies must sit down together and find a solution by the end of July”says Rabl. It is not a question of capacity, “they just don’t agree on who can use the spaces and when”says Rabl. For example, Bundesliga club FC Blau-Weiß Linz would have less capacity than Wels. In addition, young footballers could also use the ESV facility.

Is a compromise possible by the end of July? Economic Councillor Martin Oberndorfer (VP), who is also President of the Huskies, says: “There is already hope because the clubs respect each other and have understanding for each other.”

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The sports clubs are currently being asked to announce all their renovation projects, including cost estimates, to the city by autumn. A priority list will then be drawn up after consultation with the state of Upper Austria. “We want to give the clubs a perspective on when it is their turn”says Rabl. SP deputy mayor Klaus Schinninger criticizes the announcement policy “without a clear timetable and above all financial security”.

PSV sells city property

The police sports club already has a funding commitment from the state and is selling the 7000 m² plot of land to the city of Wels in return. The city is reinvesting this money in the redevelopment project. By purchasing areas like this, the city is ensuring that they will remain as sports areas in the long term, even if a club should dissolve in the future, argues Rabl. In July, the local council will vote on sports funding for the PSV project.

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