Activists vandalize the new official portrait of King Charles III in protest for animal rights

Activists vandalize the new official portrait of King Charles III in protest for animal rights

Group activists Animal Rising They attacked a portrait of king Charles III in a gallery London. The protesters covered the monarch’s head and replaced her with the character of the character Wallacefrom the British animated series Wallace and Gromit.

The video of the moment when activists vandalize the portrait of King Carlos III

The images were disseminated by the group through the social network denouncing the treatment of animals on farms who have received a certificate from the RSCPAthe Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

vandalized painting king charles III.mp4

Courtesy X @AnimalRising.

Daniel Juniperone of the protesters, spoke after the vandalism and said: “Given that King Charles is a big fan of Wallace and Gromit, we couldn’t think of a better way to draw his attention to Horrific scenes at RSPCA certified farms“.

For its part, Philip Moulsthe owner of the gallery, assured that they were considering the possibility of this type of action being carried out and referred to the state of the painting: “No damage has occurred to the fabric“, he claimed.

Why they vandalized the painting of King Charles III

Animal Rising presents itself as an organization that defends the creation of a society where man “share a positive relationship with animals and natureIn a recently published report, the organization denounced “animal suffering and horrific cruelty” at several farms whose products carry the RSCPA label, which supposedly guarantees good farming conditions.

The British monarch is a defender of the environment and godfather of the RSCPA, an association from which they claimed to be “shocked” for vandalism.

Another similar episode occurred last year, when activists from the same group three lambs stolen in Sandringhamon the estate owned by the sovereign in Norfolkto denounce the breeding of animals for food purposes.

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