The ball rolls everywhere on the illuminated walls

The ball rolls everywhere on the illuminated walls

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ADEG businessman Alessandro Bruckner and master electrician Josef Bruckner in the Amstetten district of Hausmening are only namesakes, but they are connected by a soul mate. One claps for Red Bull Salzburg in the stands in Siezenheim, the other, a 100% football fan, travels to Borussia Dortmund’s home games on weekends. The businessman will prepare more sausage rolls than usual for snack buyers during the European Football Championship and the electrician will connect nine large-screen TVs on a truck trailer to form a large flat screen. The two businessmen and 22 guild brothers in the local business association “I buy in Hausmening!” are setting up beer benches on a company site for a public viewing of the European Football Championship and are on the licensee list of the broadcasting television station “Servus TV”. The national anthem will be played by the Hausmening music club before the opening match of the red-white-red national team against France on Monday at 9 p.m. The trade association is having the local band perform for the event. “If we’re going to do it, then we want a real football festival for our town,” says Alessandro Bruckner.

The estimated number of spectators in the garage, from which the Grünburg fire brigade parks its emergency vehicles outside on match days to make room for a large football cinema, remains under 300 spectators, as in Hausmening. This means that organisers are below the limit at which the Red Bull media group collects licensing fees. “Many fire brigade colleagues wanted to watch the games together,” says Commander Bernhard Bichler, “then we decided to make it possible for the whole town to root for the Austrians in front of a big screen.” The fact that anyone would have to die of hunger or thirst between the two halves is generally ruled out by the Florianis, who are experienced in organising parties and morning pints. Entry to the event is free for small groups, which is also a condition of “Servus TV”.

Public viewing is designed for “Category 2” in front of an LED wall in the forecourt when the weather is good, and in front of the cinema screen in the concert hall of the new “Valentinum” cultural center in St. Valentin when it rains, which costs the municipality a 1,500 euro license fee for the entire European Championship. For City Councilor for Culture Birgit Seiler (SP), this is a good price: “We deliberately chose the Valentinum as a location because we will also be using it for sports and football. This means we can also appeal to a wider audience; sports and culture are not mutually exclusive.” Of course, on these summer days, football fans should be partying and not theatergoers getting worked up in their reviews. Kick-off is on Friday at 9 p.m. with the opening game Germany vs. Scotland, and catering will be provided by sports and music clubs from the city.

According to the media’s advance praise and the advertising campaign by Upper Austria Tourist Board, one of the best public viewings in all of Austria will take place on Steyr’s town square. The only thing that the city of Steyr was not yet listed as an organizer on the official list of the Red Bull Media House on the Internet. After a call from the Steyr magistrate, the head office assured that the list would be “updated to the best of their knowledge” and that public viewing in Steyr had been approved and could take place. This can be seen as an apology for an oversight. Around 40 games will be broadcast on a huge LED wall between June 14 and July 14 in the town center in front of the Leopoldi fountain and during the town festival and beach volleyball tournament on Wieserfeldplatz. Of the EUR 43,200 that the city council released for the event, the EUR 3,000 license fee to the broadcaster for up to 2,500 visitors is only a fraction. “The public viewing in the old town is a great opportunity for everyone to experience the European Championships on the most beautiful city square in Europe,” said City Councillor for Culture Katrin Auer (SP).

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