I offer to take the reins of this country

I offer to take the reins of this country
I offer to take the reins of this country

Furthermore, the American star added: “So, if you need a president or vice president, I’m here. I know what’s right and what’s wrong, bro.”

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eHulk Hoganthe legendary star of the WWE and WCW, surprised the world by expressing his desire to be United States’s president. During a recent viral appearance on Fox & Friends, Hogan, whose real name is Terry Gene Bolleastated that the country needs “common sense” in leadership and volunteered to fill an important political position if necessary.

The fighter, known for his iconic role in wrestling and its cultural influencedeclared: “So, if you need a president or vice president, I volunteer to take the reins of this country. I know what is right and what is wrong, brother”. In addition to his skills in the ring, Hogan He is recognized for his previous forays into policysuch as his consideration of running for the Florida Senate in 2018although he ultimately chose not to.


Hulk Hogan wants to revolutionize the United States

Hulk Hogan wants to revolutionize the United States

During the Interview, Hogan He also shared his policy proposals, including the implementation of “a flat tax and nothing but common sense.” These statements are part of a week of media appearances to promote the launch of his new beer company, Real American Beerinspired by his vision of unifying the nation following recent controversies in the beer industry.

Hulk Hogan wants to be president of the United States

The beer, which has the message of Hogan and his image waving the American flag on cans, is intended to promote the unification of America. According to Hogan, the product will be distributed in 17 states this summer and will be available at retail chains such as Sam’s Club and Walmart.

This raid of Hogan in politics is not unusual in the context of public figures using their platform to influence public opinion and promote change. In fact, the combination of politics and wrestling has antecedents in the contemporary history of USA, with the former president donald trump actively participating in events WWE before his political career.

Hogan He hopes that his new brewing project, in addition to being a commercial success, will contribute to reducing divisions in American society. “I want to create a beer that brings America together again, one drink at a time,” he concluded, underscoring the importance of communication and mutual understanding in times of political polarization.

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