First “Bark Date” Austria: How dogs find a new home

First “Bark Date” Austria: How dogs find a new home
First “Bark Date” Austria: How dogs find a new home

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"Bark Date" in Vienna: Animal protection dogs are looking for a home

Also present was the founder of the Martin Rütter Dog School Vienna, the TV celebrity, author and podcaster Conny Sporrer. Under the motto “adopt instead of produce” The many dogs in the animal shelters should be given a chance.

The idea for “Bark Date” The idea was put forward by Cologne veterinarian Lisa Williamson, who also works in animal welfare. She realised that with the mass of clubs, websites and advertisements, individual dogs are quickly overlooked and launched the live event. The dogs are presented there and many people can come along to see if the animal is a good fit for them. The campaign also received support from the Martin Rütter Dog School in Cologne, which spread the word on social media. This is how Viennese animal trainer Katja Staud became aware of the campaign and has now brought the first “Bark Date” to the federal capital.

“See if the chemistry is right”

The event was a great success. Numerous people who wanted to adopt a dog attended. 15 dogs from five animal welfare organizations were waiting with red scarves on which “Adopt me” to their possible new families. Conny Sporrer was pleased that it was so “there is a great willingness and openness to get to know animal welfare dogs and to see if the chemistry is right”Carol Byers, founder and president of the animal welfare association Animal Care Austria, was also enthusiastic. “It is a great opportunity to present rescue dogs and highlight their positive sides.”

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