Kylian Mbappé gets into French politics and calls to vote against Le Pen’s far-right

Kylian Mbappé gets into French politics and calls to vote against Le Pen’s far-right
Kylian Mbappé gets into French politics and calls to vote against Le Pen’s far-right

The forward who will play for Real Madrid gave his opinion in the run-up to the July 7 elections. Given the possible victory of said political space, the young striker expressed his rejection of right-wing movements in his country.


Kylian Mbappéfigure of the French team and brand new incorporation of real Madrid, gave a press conference prior to the debut in the Euro Cup and mentioned the current political situation in the country. The former PSG player raised his voice after the victory of the far-right of the Marine Le Pen National Group in the recent European elections.

“I have seen it, I believe that we are at a crucial moment in our country, we are citizens first and foremost and we cannot be disconnected. It is an unprecedented situation and I want to address the people, especially the young people, We see the extremes at the center of power and I ask young people to go vote. “We have to identify with the values ​​of this country and I hope that the right choice is made,” the player stated bluntly.




Kylian Mbappé repudiated Le Pen and called to vote against him in the French elections

Thus, the player of the real Madrid He insisted: “I am against extremes, against ideas that divide. There are young people who abstain, I want to send them this message: their voice does change things. I want to be proud to defend a country that represents my values. This is more important than tomorrow’s game because the situation in the country is paramount. I believe in the values ​​of tolerance and respect. I hope that on July 7 we can continue to feel proud of this shirt.”

On the other hand, Mbappe He referred to what was discussed at the team’s concentration: “We have talked among ourselves because of the message that could be given. Also to protect young people, there is no one who cares about the situation, but young people It is normal that it costs them more because it is not easy to sit here and talk about these issues.

Finally, the new Real Madrid forward supported de’s comments Marcus Thuramwho assured that “as citizens, we have to fight daily so that this does not happen again and that the National Group does not pass,” in relation to the triumph of the group of You Pen in the European elections.

And he added: “I share Marcus’s values, for me he has not gone far. It is freedom of expression and I align myself with him.”

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