The Traun is ablaze again, big fireworks instead of laser show

The Traun is ablaze again, big fireworks instead of laser show
The Traun is ablaze again, big fireworks instead of laser show

This year, the award-winning Wimsbach hunting horn players will be taking their place at Trauner Platz.

It is a mystical spectacle when, after dark, rafts, boats and the 24-meter-long Trauner, illuminated with Bengal lights, sail downstream on the Traun. On Friday, June 21, it will be that time again. The boaters’ association invites you to “Traun in Flames”. The award-winning hunting horn players from Bad Wimsbach will play on the Trauner – the boats were previously used to transport salt.

And there will be fireworks again this year, announces Klaus Hofstötter, chairman of the 640-member club. “We tried a laser show twice for environmental reasons, but that didn’t work and wasn’t breathtaking for people.” The fireworks, which are accompanied by a spectacular cloud of sound, only take place once a year in Stadl-Paura and delight visitors every time.

After the spectacle, there will be a solstice fire on the Traun. Around 2,000 guests are expected on Friday evening, and another 1,000 participants and visitors will come to the Plätten Regatta on Saturday. Around 35 teams will paddle for victory on the designated course from 4 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, those who decide at short notice can also register. A team consists of six people, and there are separate rankings for women’s, men’s and mixed teams. The winning teams will receive beautiful trophies. There will also be a tombola on both days. On Saturday afternoon, the Children’s Friends will be organizing a program for the youngest visitors.

“The money we earn at the boat festival goes towards the maintenance of our museum,” says Hofstötter. Two new rafts will also be purchased next spring.

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

A date to note: The boatmen’s association is organizing the counter-moves again on August 31st and will take guests on board for five trips with the Traun. The “boat trip and the ship counter-propulsion by horse-drawn traction on the Traun” were declared an intangible UNESCO cultural heritage in 2022.

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