Retail and gastronomy should become more child-friendly

Retail and gastronomy should become more child-friendly
Retail and gastronomy should become more child-friendly

Viktoria Schwarz with her son Ben Vito, Family Association Chairman Martin Hajart and Eiler Managing Director Peter Bangelmeier (from left)

Eiler Schuhe will open its fourth location in downtown Linz in the fall. Managing director Peter Bangelmeier did not want to reveal exactly where, but it will be a “child-friendly” store. By this he means, on the one hand, the range of goods on offer, as he wants to offer not only children’s shoes but also children’s fashion in the 200 square meter space. On the other hand, shopping should be an experience for children, like he experienced as a child in the Beyerl toy store. “This offer must go beyond sales and be something that children can experience. There needs to be zones where children can hang out and play,” says Bangelmeier. He has not yet revealed whether the legendary carousel from the parent store will make a comeback.

Advice for businesses

Eiler School is the first “Children Welcome” partner company on Linzer Landstrasse. With this campaign, Family Association Chairman Martin Hajart (VP) wants to make the city center more child-friendly, also to attract more families, who in turn bring purchasing power. The Family Association offers advice and packages for child-friendly equipment in retail and restaurants.

Hajart was also able to gain prominent support for a second family offer. Olympic canoeist Viktoria Schwarz, herself the mother of a one-year-old son, wants to strengthen the mental and physical health of parents through sport. Specifically, she is inviting people to a stroller run and workout on the Danube bank on five dates starting on July 19. “As a mother, I know how difficult it is not to forget about yourself in everyday life with a baby between diapers, breastfeeding, bottles and porridge. But as an athlete, I also know how much exercise helps to find emotional balance again and clear your head,” says Schwarz.

The ÖVP is also calling for an aqua park for Lake Pichlingen at the next municipal council meeting. This floating obstacle course is intended to make the local recreation area more attractive.

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