The Yerba Mate Route, the incredible tourist tour to learn about the history and production of mate

The Yerba Mate Route, the incredible tourist tour to learn about the history and production of mate
The Yerba Mate Route, the incredible tourist tour to learn about the history and production of mate

It is a tour of Misiones and Corrientes that attracts tourists from all over the country to learn more about the drink that accompanies all Argentines.

Mate is the favorite infusion of Argentines, this shares thousands of moments in the lives of our compatriots. From family gatherings, outings with couples, deep conversations with friends or as company at work. This drink means a lot to us and the tourism Missions and Currents invites you to learn more about it.

The Yerba Mate Route It is one of the main tourist routes in northeastern Argentina. This path is full of history about one of the traditions of our country, showing from the origins of its consumption to current production. It is a journey through the harvest fields and the herbal industrial and artisanal sectors. The route will allow us to better appreciate our history as well as enjoy the landscapes and nature.

What to do on the Yerba Mate Route

The most important destinations on this path are the farms and plantations that give rise to the herb that is consumed in each home. These places grow and produce for the best-known brands in the country. Many of them allow you to tour their herbs and complement the walk with guided tours to explain the production processes and offer tastings of their products.

Another strong point of these routes are the Museums and galeries to appreciate all the history that surrounds mate. One of the main cultural points along the way is the city of Apóstoles, in the south of Misiones. This town has the Casa del Mate and the Juan Szychowski Museum.

The Argentine northeast has some of the strongest tourist spots in Argentina, the Yerba Mate Route is not far behind and is combined with many of them. The extensive landscapes of the herbs They can be found a short distance from the Iguazú Falls or from destinations such as Los Saltos de Moconá, the Esteros del Iberá and the Jesuit ruins of Santa María la Mayor.

All the experiences that make up the Yerba Mate Route are also complemented with a great gastronomic circuit of restaurants, bars, confectioneries and cafes. They present traditional dishes such as creations made from yerba mate. One of the main points of attraction in this section is La Galería del Mate, which has more than 300 varieties of herbs and tastings of various types. Another popular destination is the El Indiecito ice cream parlor, for its taste of yerba mate ice cream and its more than 50 artisanal flavors.

How to travel the Yerba Mate Route

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Yerma Mate Route

The path is divided into eight routes that the tourist can choose, each of them is made up of different stops and places of interest. In total, there are 1,200 kilometers to travel and each visitor can plan their route with the information on the official page of the Yerba Mate Route: rutadelayerbamate.org.ar

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