56.7% of exports come from Montevideo, Colonia and Canelones

56.7% of exports come from Montevideo, Colonia and Canelones
56.7% of exports come from Montevideo, Colonia and Canelones

56.7% of the exports of goods of the Uruguay come from Montevideo, Cologne and cannelloniafter these three departments in the south-west of the country totaled sales abroad for about 6,413 million dollars during the year 2023.

The information comes from the latest report on “Exports of goods by departments” prepared by the government agency Uruguay XXIcorresponding to the month of June.

In the breakdown, Montevideo contributed 22.2% of the total exports of goodsreporting a turnover of 2,511 million dollars; Cologne 20% after entering foreign currency for 2,261 million dollars; and Cannelloni, 14.5%, after registering revenues of 1,641 million dollars.

From Uruguay XXI It is highlighted that the productive structure of the 19 departments explains the country’s export matrix, because 86% of the placements were of origin agricultural.

In Montevideo, the main destination of the goods was Brazil (31%), while the main products sold globally were vehicles, wood (and by-products) and margarine and oils.

Colony’s production during this period was mainly destined for European Union (27%), and was mainly made up of cellulose, beverage concentrates and beef.

Regarding Canelones, the first destination was Chinaby 32%, and the main sales abroad were beef, meat by-products and pharmaceutical products.

Maldonado continues to be the department that exports the least in Uruguay

At the other end, Maldonado was once again the department that exports the least Uruguaycontributing only 0.1% of the total national placements abroad.

The Fernandino department only placed 15 million dollars during 2023, although this represents an improvement on the meager 12 million dollars in 2022. Maldonado is followed by Riverawith 33 million dollars (0.3% of the total) and Lavallejawith 41 million dollars (0.4% of the total).

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