We have a single team and a single economic direction, Delgado contrasted with the Frente Amplio

We have a single team and a single economic direction, Delgado contrasted with the Frente Amplio
We have a single team and a single economic direction, Delgado contrasted with the Frente Amplio

The presidential candidate Uruguay for him National Party, Álvaro Delgado, criticized the Wide Front eight days from internal elections due to the “distrust” generated by the left-wing coalition regarding the economic direction of its eventual government.

The recent discussion in the center of the internal Broad Front regarding the candidates for Minister of Economy of Yamandu Orsi and of Carolina Cosse It also generated repercussions among the nationalist ranks, who saw the crossing as a sign of “distrust.”

“We have action unit, but above all unity of principles. We have only one direction, one direction. And when I tell them only one direction, I want to give them a lot of peace of mind,” she said in contrast. Slim, during a campaign closing event in Cologne, highlighting that in the Frente Amplio the economic teams “are arguing over which economic line they are going to follow.”

“It reminds us of what happened before in the Broad Front governments, where there were two economic teams,” he added, in reference to “when there was an economic team managed by Danilo Astori and another managed by Jose Mujica in the same government.” “That generates uncertainty and there is nothing worse in the economy than uncertainty,” he pointed out.

“We have a single economic team, a single economic policy, a single economic direction which is: development, employment, investment, legal security”, he contrasted Slim on the strategy of the National Party.

Likewise, he highlighted the work of Azucena Arbeleche as Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF) and to the president Luis Lacalle Pou “as a guarantee.” “That is our direction and that is the direction we are going to follow,” she concluded.

The controversy over the Minister of Economy

For some time now, a name like that of the eventual head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF): that of the economist and former partner of CPA Ferrere, Gabriel Odonne. However, among the ranks of Carolina Cosse, where the Pablo Ferreri As a candidate for the position, this possibility is not very pleasant.

“I cannot hide that he is not the one who, from our point of view, would be the best expression for economic management for a government of the Broad Front”, expressed the secretary general of the Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU), Juan Castillo, according to the weekly Busqueda. According to the leader of one of the spaces that supports the pre-candidacy of the mayor of Montevideo in use of a license, Oddone is not “the right person to run the program on the left.”

From the most “left” sector of the Frente Amplio, they see the economist as a “neoliberal.” And the fact that CPA Ferrere prepared the technical report that defended the granting of the concession for the container terminal of Port of Montevideo to Katoen Natie —with the participation of Oddone— does not help to relax these suspicions either.

Another aspect that may not be liked in the PCU, particularly, is that the former CPA partner and member of the board of directors of the think tank Ágora opposes the plebiscite against social security reform driven by the PIT-CNT, an initiative that the most radical Frente-Amplista spaces support, but about which Cosse still keeps his opinion to himself.

The person in charge of answering these questions was the senator of the Popular Participation Movement (MPP) and Orsi campaign coordinator, Alejandro “Pacha” Sánchez: “He says that Juan doesn’t like him very much, it seems. I’m going to call Juan to see why he doesn’t like Oddone so much and he does like Ferreri. They seem to be more or less from the same sector. Neither of them is a communist. “, he expressed, in the Informal Breakfast program.

Furthermore, he said that “economic policy, like security policy, is going to be the responsibility of the entire Broad Front”.

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