When does the electoral ban begin and what is prohibited

When does the electoral ban begin and what is prohibited
When does the electoral ban begin and what is prohibited

Starting at midnight on Friday the 28th, restrictions for citizens and leaders will begin, according to the schedule set by the Electoral Court.

The internal elections will take place this Sunday the 30th, with the political parties defining who will be their presidential candidates for the October general elections, while in the previous days the electoral ban, which imposes a series of restrictions to political leaders and citizens.

Starting at 0 a.m. on Friday the 28th, the cessation of the propaganda, as established by the Electoral Court in Circular No. 11,442, which had established the start of electoral advertising by political parties on May 31, within the framework of the schedule for the elections 2024.

According to Law No. 16,019, from then on “the carrying out of acts of proselytizing propaganda on public roads or that are heard or perceived from it, or that are carried out in public places or places open to the public and in the broadcast media written, radio or television.

Nor may it be carried out or disseminated by said means. “surveys or consultations, as well as any type of demonstrations or exhortations aimed at influencing the decision of the Electoral Body,” states the norm, promulgated in 1989 and applicable to elections, plebiscites and referendums.

The law does not prohibit the delivery of voting sheets to citizens, although this practice cannot be carried out less than 100 meters from the voting locations. Those who wish to corroborate theirs can enter the official page or access the search engine. electoral roll.

What happens to the sale of alcoholic beverages and shows?

The sale of alcoholic beverages, Meanwhile, it will be allowed on Friday, but it will stop between Saturday and Sunday. As reported in a statement by the Electoral Court, “From 7:30 p.m. the day before, Saturday, June 29, until voting hours end on the aforementioned Sunday the 30th, at 8:30 p.m., the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.”

From the organization they indicated that in the prior of the inmates the inmates will not be enabled either. Public shows. “During voting hours, no public shows may be held in open or closed premises, nor demonstrations or public meetings of a political nature,” stated the Electoral Court.

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