South Korea confirmed that waste balloons sent by North Korea contained parasites from human excrement

South Korea confirmed that waste balloons sent by North Korea contained parasites from human excrement
South Korea confirmed that waste balloons sent by North Korea contained parasites from human excrement

Approximately a month after the curious attack, the South Korean authorities confirmed that they found parasites from human excrement in garbage balloons sent from North Korea. The South Korean unification ministry stated that the spheres contained numerous insects “such as roundworms, whipworms and threadworms.”

The country led by Kim Jong-Un sent – on May 29 – more than a thousand hot air balloons over the border with South Korea, filled with garbage and excrement. After what happened, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff assured that the actions of its neighbor “They clearly violate international laws and seriously threaten the security of our people“.

The analysis of the garbage

In the last few hours, the South Korean authorities confirmed that, after analyzing the waste sent a month ago by North Koreathey contained “ numerous parasites” such as “TOscaris, Whipworms and threadworms“.

These parasitic worms probably came from human fecal matter that was used on the land instead of chemical fertilizers, he added. Among the contents of the balloons, they were also found Pieces of used clothing in very poor condition.

Does not exist “no risk of soil contamination (or) infectious diseases by the balloons, since the volume of soil sent was relatively small,” the ministry said. In addition, the authorities added that the insects found are generally identified in the “underdeveloped countries” where human feces are used as fertilizer and have “unsanitary living environments.”

South Korea’s response

Since the Korean War (1950-1953) ended with an armistice and not a peace treaty, the north and south are still technically at war. Both countries are separated by a heavily fortified border that includes the Demilitarized Zone.

Since then, both sides have sent propaganda balloons to each other. However, in dialogue with AFP, Cheong Seong-changof the Sejong Instituteexplained that this case is different: “Bags full of toilet paper, garbage and Chinese batteries were found. In addition, according to witnesses, it is likely that they also sent excrement, probably from animals“he added.

“This is a message to South Korea: Like the South, North Korea can also send propaganda“said Cheong Seong-chang.

In response, last Thursday a group of South Korean activists – the Korean Freedom Fighters movement (FFNK) – flew 20 large balloons to North Korea carrying thousands of anti-North Korean propaganda leaflets and USB flash drives containing South Korean entertainment content.

The head of the FFNK, Park Sang Hakwarned that they will continue sending propaganda to North Korea until the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Unapologize for sending spheres with garbage to the south.

Putin and Kim Jong-un ii.JPG

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un signed a military agreement between both nations.

Tensions between both sides increase and South Korea announced on June 9 the resumption of its public address propaganda campaigns along the border. For his part, Kim Jong-Un signed, on June 19, an agreement with Vladimir PutinRussian president, in which both nations commit to protect each other in case of aggression

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