Almost half of employees burdened by increased pressure – survey

Almost half of employees burdened by increased pressure – survey
Almost half of employees burdened by increased pressure – survey

Too much time and work pressure?

People are not inflexible: almost a quarter are willing to change companies, almost four fifths (78 percent) are willing to adapt to new circumstances such as new ways of working, according to the new “Hopes and Fears Global Workforce Survey 2024” by PwC for Austria with 1,000 respondents.

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The economic pressure is leaving its mark on the labor market, writes the management consultancy PwC in connection with the publication of the study on Wednesday. “The tense economic situation and the growing pressure on employees are putting the focus on the issue of salary and security. At the same time, new technologies are playing an increasingly important role in getting work done more efficiently and quickly. Companies are being asked to drive the necessary transformation and to train their employees,” explains Johanna Schaller, expert on the changing world of work at PwC Austria.

Two thirds satisfied with job

Nevertheless, almost two thirds (63 percent) of people in Austria are satisfied with their jobs. Globally, the figure is slightly lower at 60 percent, and slightly more people (45 percent) say that their workload has increased.

According to their statements, 85 percent of respondents in Austria receive fair pay. 75 percent find meaning and fulfillment in their job. 66 percent like the flexibility in their work. A good work-life balance is still important, but employees’ top priority is an attractive salary and financial security. The proportion of those who still have money at the end of the month for savings, holidays or other expenses is 44 percent in Austria – although this figure is higher globally at 45 percent.

More changes than in the previous year

55 percent of Austrian employees have experienced more changes in the past twelve months than in the twelve months before. Accordingly, a good third (35 percent) are certain that they will have to learn new tools and technologies in order to continue to do their jobs successfully. This is overwhelming on the one hand, but also creates resilience and optimism on the other, according to PwC. While 68 percent of the older generation of baby boomers worldwide feel that there are too many changes (compared to the Austrian average of 48 percent), 84 percent of the older generation feel ready to adapt to the changes (compared to the Austrian average of 78 percent).

“Employees are caught between the tensions of today and tomorrow: on the one hand, they critically question changes, but on the other, they also welcome new ways of working,” says PwC expert Schaller. It is up to employers themselves to invest in their team and supporting technologies. This can ease the pressure – and retain the best talent, regardless of age, in the face of the labor shortage.

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