Formula 1: Mechanics and co. toil on the track: “Hard work”

Formula 1: Mechanics and co. toil on the track: “Hard work”

Three Formula 1 races in a row are tough. Especially for mechanics and other team employees. Especially when a motorhome is damaged.

Formula 1 staff are going through a particularly stressful few weeks. The premier class of motorsport is contesting its first “triple header” of the season. This means that Formula 1 is holding races on three consecutive weekends. The racing series began this hat trick last week in Spain, has now travelled on to Austria and will then contest the third race in a row in England. Although there are also rotation systems for mechanics, engineers and other staff, these are tough weeks.

Not least when a team’s motorhome is significantly damaged. After a fire, McLaren’s mobile home had to be evacuated last weekend. According to English media, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri’s racing team is hoping to return with a fully restored motorhome at the end of July in Belgium, just before the summer break.

“A triple header in Europe is still doable for me,” said Kick-Sauber driver Valtteri Bottas, who enjoys more amenities as a driver than a regular employee. “But of course it is a really hard burden for some team members who have the longest working hours here.” But the double or triple races are “nothing new” overall, added the Finn. The teams are “more and more prepared for it.”

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