Álvaro Delgado, Yamandú Orsi and Andrés Ojeda won the internal elections

Álvaro Delgado, Yamandú Orsi and Andrés Ojeda won the internal elections
Álvaro Delgado, Yamandú Orsi and Andrés Ojeda won the internal elections

The National Party candidate made an important difference, while the Broad Front candidate also won comfortably. The “outsider” struck the blow in the Colorado Party.

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Álvaro Delgado, Yamandú Orsi and Andrés Ojeda were imposed in the internal elections 2024 and emerged as the big winners of the night, according to the release of the first results by the Electoral Court, that had been anticipated by the Citizen Perception Plant’s trend report.

The Court indicated that with 91.5% of the circuits counted, Orsi had 59.54% of the votes, leaving behind Carolina Cosse with 37.57% already Andres Lima with 2.88%, while the poll had predicted similar numbers.

In it National Party, Delgado He obtained 74.54% of the white votes, leaving far behind Laura Raffo (19.36%) and Jorge Gandini (5.67%), Carlos Iafigliola (0.26%) and Roxana Corbran (0.18%), positioning himself more strongly to choose who will accompany him on the ticket for the general elections in October.

With respect to Colorado Party, The data showed that Andres Ojeda reached 40.16% of the votes, followed by Robert Silva (22.78%), Gabriel Gurméndez (18.06%), Tabare Viera (17.60%), Carolina Ache (1.16%) and Zaida Gonzalez (0.17%).

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The Broad Front, the most voted party

Regarding the electoral flow, the Wide Front achieved 373,266 votes, with more than 9% still to be counted, being the political party with the most votes, but far from the 440,000 votes anticipated by Usina de Percepción Ciudadana, counting nearly 150,000 more than those it collected in 2019.

Meanwhile, the National Party, which is traditionally the force with the greatest number of votes in the internal elections, obtained 292,722 votes in these elections, the ones with the lowest electoral participation in the history of Uruguay and also the lowest flow rate within the white space. While the PC reached 89,819.

Both results were reasons for celebration in the FA and particularly in the MPP, the space that promotes Orsi, from where they used X’s official account to publish an image of the still pre-candidate with the word “president.”

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